Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston......

I think there's a certain solace that comes with knowing that someone went down while still on top. For me, with situations like that of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, there is an additional grief that comes with the knowing that the pressures of the industry took a toll on them and they were cut short of fulfilling their dreams (they both looked like they were about to make a major comeback). I also grieve the fact that their families have to endure some of the horrible things that people have said about them. I am really bothered by the pleasures that it seems that some people take in watching a celebrity fall off the pedestal that they're on, only because they put them there. I think people forget that these are real people that have real people that love them that are grieving their loss. Death is a natural part of life. It stinks but we all know it's going to happen to us all. But, I have to work really hard to not let seeing someone lack humanity when responding to death turn me into a cynic.

And as Jewell put's it... "please be careful with me, I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way".  



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