Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday's Tips and Tricks-- Laundry

Adam keeps getting these grease stains on his shirt. I'm not sure where these stains are coming from as he's not much of a mechanic but, none the less... grease stains. So, I searched the internet for a remedy and I found one. Along with a couple of other laundry solutions I think I'll try. I have not yet tested these out so, proceed at your own risk!

Grease Stains: Sprinkle a generous amount of cornstarch or baby powder over the grease stain, allow it to sit for a couple of minutes, then brush the powder off. The powder absorbs the grease and it brushes off with the powder.

Fabric Softener: Use an old dish towel as a fabric softener sheet. Pour a couple of cap fulls of Downey on it and throw it in the dryer. .Reuse the towel for about 15 loads until you start noticing static again. It helps to use a towel that is distinct from the other laundry.

My thoughts on this one.. I think you would need to dry the fabric first or you might end up needing the grease stain removal one. I'm not sure that my grease stain problem isn't from liquid fabric softner.

Ink Stains: Put rubbing alcohol on the stain - it disappears! This must be done before washing.

Zippers: To make a zipper slide up and down more smoothly, rub a bar of soap over the teeth.