Monday, April 12, 2010


Spring Break has come to an end :(.  But what a wonderful week it was.  Nonna and Pawpaw came for Easter, our friend Matt visited and we made a little overnight trip to meet up with our friends Jay and Sarah Jane.  Yesterday, we finished Spring vacation off with mommy and me pedicures for Emma and me.

When I walked by Emma's room last night, on my way to bed, she had slipped an envelope under her door with this note inside. 

  I probably should have been a little concerned but, since this is the kid that normally sets her own alarm clock because she's so excited to go to school the next day, I was secretly, a little thrilled that she knew she was going to miss me.   She got up without a problem this morning and went out the door with a happy kiss. I've come to think that the note was more about her wanting to show me that I'm still the most important person in her life.  For the benefit of my heart.   So, one day when you read this Emma, thank you for being careful with my heart.  It's hard for me to have it walking around on the outside of me. 

We needed that time together.  We did some fun activities.  But, I think we can owe the credit of such a wonderful week, to taking time to rest and just be together.  I miss her.  I miss being the person that spends the most time with her.  The world needs her and she needs the world.  But, every now and then, I like to hide her away for me.   And in the future, I plan to assert that right as a mother and do it more often. 

And maybe, when a rainy day comes along, I'll catch up on all my pictures.  But, a computer and sunlight isn't a great combination and for now, we'll be quenching our thirst for sun.  And, so the count down to summer vacation begins!