Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh So Cute, Princess Party Attire!!

Tonight's the big night and here's our party attire.  In the six months that we were planning this party, Emma decided that princess dress up clothes were too babyish.  I was determined to have a princess birthday party.  Every little girl needs one.  So, I called up Aunt Jan and Aunt Jan and I did a little bit of brain storming and came up with something that we all just love!  The dresses came from Monag and we were able to get them for a great price because we bought six.  Aunt Jan used her mad applique skills to make a dress for each of the party princesses with the first letter of their name in hot pink polka dots, topped with a lime green crown.  We just love them!  And I am so thankful that Jan makes it part of her mission to clothe my children in clothes like these because I have absolutely no desire what-so-ever to learn to sew and my budget certainly doesn't make room for the prices I would pay for this kind of stuff in a boutique.  Thank you Aunt Jan!  The dresses can also double as their sleeping attire as they are oh so soft and comfy.   The skirts are super easy and probably self-explanatory but I'll do a short tutorial just in case.  I made the first one and showed Emma how to do it and she made the rest. 

Materials-- 6 inch wide bridal tulle (we got ours at Hobby Lobby)
1.  Tie a ribbon around something that will be secure (we used a chair)
2.  Cut tulle into strips twice the length you want the skirt to be.
3.  fold strips in half, making a loop at the top. 
4.  Put the loop underneath the ribbon and pull the other end of the tulle through the loop. 

And there we have it,  a little more modern, a little more grown up, approach to princess dress up that will also make an adorable summer dress.  Perfect!

And each princess will also get a loot bag with accessories for their makeovers and the adorable sleep masks that Nana sent...

I will try to make a post later today of the party decorations and the Glossy Bands, party activity sponsored by KLUTZ that we will be giving away on The Mom-tage when they launch Glossy Bands on June the 28th!