Sunday, March 30, 2008

Seven Months!

Nana's Visit

Adam had his class at Lipscomb last week and Nana came and stayed a whole week. We had a wonderful time and I owe her my life because I'm pretty sure that a whole week by myself with a baby and a kid with a broken leg would have done me in. Plus, she helped me catch up on all the house work. We had a wonderful Easter. It was freezing but the girls wore their dresses anyway. Chloe was all in to the Easter basket. And since the last video, she is crawling all over the house. I was trying to figure out a way to post all of the Easter pictures without making you have to scroll for days. I just picked out a few. I have to tell you about the one where Emma has blue lips. We were dying Easter eggs and we had one of those kits that has the little tablets that you dissolve in water and vinegar. Well, Emma thought they were candy. Don't worry, they are non toxic. I checked. I'm also including some other pictures from March since this is the end of the month.


Emma giving Chloe her first baby food-- carrots

Just a nice sunny day-- hopefully there will be more soon!

Just like their daddy-

Nana and the girls

Easter- You should be able to click and make
them larger.