Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kids Say the Darndest Things Update

I have lots of pictures to update but not lots of time. So, I'll get to those soon. But, it's been a while since I've done a post including some of the funny things that Emma has said and I've forgotten a couple of them so I wanted to get these down before I forget them too.

Emma loves getting mail. She anxiously waits to get the mail every day. The other day, we had received a bulletin from our old church. Emma asked if it was for her. I told her that it was kind of for the whole family and that she could open it if she liked. She opened it and looked at it and then said, "well, this doesn't interest me at all".

She also has a new favorite song. I'm assuming from the words that the title must be "When the Spanks Come Marching In" At first, I thought that maybe this song was a critique of my discipline. However, when I asked her what a spank was, she informed me that she wasn't sure because they were extinct.

Chloe News

Chloe was five months old yesterday. I will post a 5 month update complete with picture soon.


Monday, January 28, 2008


Thank you all for the recipe contributions. I also had a couple e-mailed and even someone tell me at church that they had some good ones. I have my grocery list ready. I'm going to try some of these out and then I'll report back to you all in a week or so and let you know how they went. Also, let us know if you try any that you saw here. I also took a look at the websites that were mentioned. They are really good websites so I'll be trying some from there eventually. is a great one. They've got weekly menu's planned out where all the ingredients will fit in one grocery bag and you can even print a grocery list. Other websites that I've used for recipes are. and

And here, are a couple of my faking baking recipes. I laugh every time someone asks me for one of these recipes because I know they are about to find out my secret.

This is Emma's favorite. Many people already know this one.

Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole (except I never use the poppy seed so maybe I should change the name)

Four chicken breasts
2 cans of cream of chicken soup
8 oz container of sour cream
ritz crackers
tablespoon of butter

Boil chicken, drain and cool and cut or pull into small pieces. Cover the bottom of a casserole dish with the chicken. Mix soup and sour cream together. Cover with crumbled crackers. Melt the butter and pour over the crackers.

Bake at 350 degrees for around 20 minutes or until it bubbles just a little.

Breakfast Casserole

Unbaked crescent rolls, Walmart brand is fine.
1 dozen eggs
1 bag of shredded cheddar cheese

Brown sausage. Spray the bottom of a casserole dish with cooking spray. Cover bottom of dish with crescent rolls laid flat. Add sausage. Whip all 12 eggs together and spread over that. Bake at 350 until the egg is firm. Take out of oven and add shredded cheese. Cook for five more minutes to melt cheese.

Keep them coming guys. Thanks to everyone!


Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 2008

Ok, so I'm in a rush to get some pictures posted because my mom's going to my Aunt Nancy's tonight so she can see all the pictures and videos that I've posted. They live so far out in Easta Boga that they only just recently made DSL available in their area. So, when I go visit, I'm going to get her set up. Can't wait till we see you mom. Enjoy the pictures! We love You!

The following are random pictures from January:

This day, she fell asleep in the jumparoo. I was sitting there watching her and she would wake up and jump a little and then drift off again. It was really funny

Sunday morning before church outfits by Aunt Denise. Unfortunately, Chloe's didn't make it to church due to an explosion.
Now if I can just train her to do the laundry
She knows she's living the easy life

Another Sunday morning before church outfits courtesy of the Aunts. Emma's- Aunt Denise, Chloe's -Aunt Jan.

We had a couple of unseasonably warm days and by warm I mean 60 degrees but hey, we'll take what we can get. We were starved for vitamin D so we spent lots of time out doors those two days. We even had our friends the Lombard's over to cook out. I'm ready for spring!!

Four month pictures

At this point when I was taking her pictures, she just looked up at the ceiling and started dying laughing. I don't know, I think she has an angel.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Calling All Cooks- Or not

Since we had a baby in the fall and then launched into the holidays, My lack of sleep and our crazy lives of ministry and traveling had gotten us into some bad habits. One of those bad habits was eating out. Once the meals stopped coming from church and my mom's club (which by the way was wonderful, they just kept them coming and coming). It seemed that it was always time for Chloe to eat when I should have been cooking or whatever so since it was so easy, Adam would run and grab something and so the story goes... Well as most everyone knows, this is not good for our health nor my budget. And since I'm trying to play catch up to cover the cost of all the hospital stays and every item that we owned breaking last year, I have banned eating out at least for a little while. One day, I'd like to compile a recipe book of easy recipes and call it, "Spend Your Time With Your Kids Not In the Kitchen" because I've kind of become the queen of what I call "fake baking" and I'm not talking about the tanning bed. I have compiled a few recipes that make me look like I'm a fairly decent cook when in fact, I'm horrible at it. But, the few recipes that I have are slowly burning us out. I burnt Adam out on spaghetti before we were even married. If I find something that I can cook that doesn't taste horrible, I tend to run it in the ground. Anyway, this is what I would like us to do: In the comments, leave your easiest, my family loves it recipe. Casseroles, crock pot meals, anything; even cooking tips! If you have time, leave more than one. Then, hopefully we all can help each other out! I' ll come back later and leave the ones that work for me. And believe me, if I can cook it, anyone can!


Monday, January 21, 2008

Emma as Barbie Island Princess

Since I recently gave Chloe some air time, I thought I would make sure I was fair and give Emma some air time also. We are huge Barbie Island Princess fans at our house. Seriously, Barbie has really improved her image. She is no longer the snob with the unattainable figure that we envied we were young. She now has a wider waist and smaller umm... chest. Of course she's still beautiful but come on, what little girl wants to play with an ugly doll. Anyway, her movies portray, love, loyalty and friendship. So come on, give Barbie a second chance. I forgive you Barbie!

So in honor of our reinvented friend, Emma sings Barbie Island Princess. I'm thinking that she should probably keep pursuing her dream career of being a doctor. This will make for some good black mail somewhere down the road.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I recently got an e-mail explaining that if you had a persistent cough, that you could put Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet and the cough would stop. Well, Emma has a cough so I decided I would try this little beauty out. As I was putting it on her I told her that the worst that could happen was that she'd get a foot massage. She looked at me like my hair was on fire but agreed that it felt nice. She was coughing about every minute. I rubbed VVR generously on her feet and sure enough... About five minutes later, the cough was gone and she was sleeping soundly. I don't understand the science of it but hey... it's worth a try.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Does the Perfect Church Look Like?

I wanted to share with you a piece of a blog post from a fellow blogger. So... introductions first... Alexis: Alexis was one of the first students to approach me when Adam and I began our ministry at the church we worked with in Florida. She approached me with such confidence and I remember immediately thinking how beautiful she was (she still is). Unfortunately, Alexis' family moved and she was unable to stay with us for her Senior year. However, in the short time that we were there together, I got to know her fairly well. After being her room mate on several different trips (mission trips, camp etc), I learned quickly that she was beautifully complex and quite more than a pretty face. After moving, she came back and visited and even stayed at our house a time or two and we've some how managed to get in and at of touch since we've been living at two opposite ends of the country. She is now no longer a beautiful teenager but a beautiful adult. Having said that, what I'm about to share with you doesn't surprise me at all but I thought it was quite beautiful and definitely worth passing on. I realize that I've used the word beautiful several times here but that's just the word that keeps coming to mind.

So here's the set up. On her blog, Alexis asked friends to ask her any question with the promising of answering. My question was something to the effect of, "In your mind, what would the perfect church look like?" This was her answer.

I read a story once about a man that was allowed to see both heaven and hell, guided by an angel. The angel took the man to hell first, where all the people were at a long table piled high with scrumptious, delicious looking food. But because all the people were chained and heavily shackled, they couldn't eat and looked absolutely miserable, skinny and starving. So then the angel took the man to heaven, where he saw the exact same thing, people at a big feast chained together. But this time all the people were laughing and smiling and full of joy, everyone looked healthy. The man told the angel he didn't understand, what made the people in heaven different so that they had such joy despite the chains and shackles? The angel told the man he needed to look closer. When the man did so, he saw that the chains allowed the people to feed the person next to them and everyone served their neighbor at the table, so everyone got to eat their fill. That's what I think of when I think of the perfect church, everyone serving one another and not consumed with themselves. Where the focus isn't on programs and "supposed to." A place that is really accepting and open...and not political. And everyone would be unafraid to bring their song, their words, their gifts to the table for worship because no one would say that they weren't allowed to use what they have as an act of glorifying God. It would be cool.

Amazing question...a little tough though!

Alexis, thanks for sharing. I agree, that would be very cool!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Our Bouncing Baby Girl

This gives new meaning to a bouncing baby girl. If you know me very well, you know that I love garage sales. I seriously have a problem buying stuff in stores because I always think I can find whatever item at a yard sale for like 10% of the price. Well, this was the best garage sale find ever. I had planned on getting Chloe a "Jumparoo" for her first Christmas because they are like $70 but, before she was even born, I found one at a yard sale for $12. She loves it. At the time we took this video, this had gone on for like an hour. Enjoy!!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

You see sister, when I was your age, I was just like you

I can't tell you how difficult it is to replicate a picture of a four month old. I was going to see if you could guess which was which but the picture of Emma had to be scanned so I thought it was pretty obvious. Also, the original pictures were in color but I made them black and white because there was quite a bit of difference in the coloring. People are always asking me if they look alike. I figured I'd let you see for yourself. There are obvious differences to me. But, I think years down the road, I'd have a hard time telling who was who.

Picture 1 Chloe @ 4 months
Picture 2 Emma @ 4 months

I just wrote the post below yesterday so if you haven't read it, scroll down to read my list of New Years non-resolutions.


Friday, January 11, 2008

New Years Resolution

Ok, I never make New Years Resolutions because I believe that New Years Resolutions are doomed to fail. However, I do make some sort of plan at the beginning of the year that is intended to get me back on track after the holiday season. I guess I believe that since I'm not calling this plan resolutions, somehow the name will help me succeed. Somewhere in my heart, I hold on to the idea that I'm different than other people. Just like all the other different people in the world. Well, as I was making the plan this year (get in shape, get the house organized, you know, the typical) something occurred to me... It's plans like these that keep me from doing the things that I actually enjoy. So, here is my revised plan for 2008.

I'm refraining from numbering because numbers often indicate importance and these are being put down simply in the order that they pop into my head.


* Make a new friend. You know one of those friends that comes into your life and you know that your life is better because of them. One of those friends that understands you without you having to explain yourself. And, it's not even that they love you even though they disagree with you sometimes but that disagreeing with you isn't something that they think to do. They just let you be just the way you are because that is you and they love you. I have a couple of friends like this but they are few and far between and everyone could always use another.

*Be the same kind of friend I've described above.

*Spend time with this friend above (even if it is in an unorganized house) because spending time with people like I've describe undoubtedly makes a person better.

* Give more kissles. A t our house, kissles are a mix between a kiss and a tickle. When they are given, the recipient squeals with delight and says, "quit kissling me, quit kissling me". Kissles are a favorite at our house for Emma and Chloe shows signs of loving them too.

* take more naps with Chloe on my chest and Emma cuddled beside me.

*have conversations with God like He's sitting in the chair across from me.

* kiss Adam often and sit close.

* laugh until I cry

* praise a lot and criticize little

* take walks not because I'm getting in shape but because I love the sunshine.

* take time to let Emma (and soon Chloe) help me while I cook and clean. Because doing it perfectly isn't as important as doing it together.

So those are the ones that come to mind right now and I think I'll add to the list as I embrace the things that are important as I embrace an imperfect me. I must go now, I see a child that needs some kissling!

Love from above,

Sunday, January 06, 2008

4 months!

Christmas Pictures Posted Below

At her four months appointment, which was a couple of weeks early, Chloe weighed 13 lbs. 12 oz. I'll have to look back at her length and edit it later but she was in the 50th percentile on weight and 90th on height.

I posted this picture below for a couple of reasons. 1) It was taken on Dec. 30th, the day that Chloe turned 4 months old and 2) To show my friend Hannah that she's not the only one with a baby that's going bald. Every time I pick her up from her bed or the swing or her changing pad or wherever, there are little hairs all over it. But don't worry Hannah, it won't be long at all before you're wrestling her with a bottle of detangler.

This is a picture of Chloe (sort of) sitting up on her own. She can sit up for a few seconds. She has good balance but her lower back muscles still need a little more strength. She just bends straight over. By the time I got back to take the picture , she was already bending.

Sweet Sisters

The holiday traveling messed up our routine and Chloe started waking up in the middle of the night again so I started giving her cereal before bed. I didn't start Emma on cereal until almost 6 months but she was sleeping through the night. I was surprised at how she did with it. She still pushes it out a little but all and all, she's doing well with the spoon. This morning, Chloe made it until 5:30. We'll probably leave the cereal to just at night for now.

Christmas 2007!

We left for Alabama on Christmas Eve. We were able to get pretty cheap tickets through Skybus so we flew to Chattanooga and dad came and picked us up there. We had a two hour drive on both ends but it still beat the 12 hours of driving we normally do. We opened presents from each other before we left. Keith and Lynn had bought a travel trailer so they camped out at a state park with Uncle Randy and Aunt Alice and came back and forth to my mom and dad's and we were able to stay in one place which was nice. Emma spent one night with them at the campground and did lots of fun stuff like go to a petting zoo. It was a short trip but like always, we squeezed a ton of stuff in including a brief trip to Montgomery to see our friends Tony and Susan and their new babies. I wasn't able to see any of my friends from high school or mine or Adam's grandmothers so the girls and I will be taking a trip back in Feb. I'm thinking it might time out where my friend Kristen has her baby while I'm there.

Chloe's first Christmas.... I have to say that since I've had Chloe, there has been one thing after another and my hope is now that the holidays are over, I can slow down and soak her up before she grows up on me. Since I'm a second child, I do a lot of thinking about keeping things even between the girls. I was little worried about Chloe following Emma since Emma was the first grandkid on Adam's side and the first granddaughter on my side. And also, Emma has such a fun loving personality that just seems to draw people to her. I will admit, they are definitely different. But I think Chloe stole everyone's heart. I know that you aren't supposed to brag on your own kids but this is my blog and I assume that one day, my kids will read this and I want them to know how special I think they are. Anyway, not to take anything away from Emma because she is absolutely wonderful in her own ways but, Chloe is the sweetest baby. She is so happy and easy going. She smiles all the time. When I was pregnant with her, I remember thinking that I hoped she was just like Emma because I couldn't imagine anyone being able to measure up to her. Now, I am so glad that God made them so unique. It's amazing how when you have that second child, your heart just automatically makes room for another one. And Emma has just been so sweet and loving to her. The way they love each other is beautiful. I've said it many times before but, I feel like when I became a mother, I became what God has always intended me to be. Who could ask for anything more?

I know that a few of you can't view the slide shows but if I post all of these pictures one by one, you will be scrolling forever. If you can't view the slide show and want to see some pictures from Christmas, let me know. I have tons of things on my mind that I've been wanting to post so hopefully I will be able to get things caught up around the house so I will have a little bit of time to do this while everyone else is sleeping.

I hope 2008 brings you as many blessings as 2007 did us!


Tuesday, January 01, 2008

More pictures

Here are a few more of the pictures we had made from Sears. I have one more that I will post along with one of Emma from her first Christmas but since that will have to be scanned, it will have to wait. I know I have a ton of catching up to do but I'm just going to do it a little at a time because I just don't have several hours to sit here to do them all at once. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our visit to see our family went by way to quickly but we had a great time.