Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Emma Trilogy

WARNING This is going to be a long entry about Emma. If you want to read some kind of deep theology or such, read Adams. I'm a mom. This is what I do.

Part One: Shaving

Ok, just a random thing on my mind. Taking a shower… Either I have to take a shower before Adam leaves or I take a shower with Emma. I haven’t lost my mind to the point that I let a two year old run around the house by herself. So, this morning we set the alarm clock for very early and guess what, didn’t get up. So as I was showering with my beloved daughter wrapped around my ankles, I began to think… I used to think of shaving as a beautiful art form. Like I was a beautiful swan gracefully perched upon one leg. Needless to say, my swan days are over. But hey, at least I still shave my legs.

Part Two: Daddy’s a Nerd

I have the best role in the world. I am with Emma all day and I get to teach her everything she knows. For now, I’m the smartest person in the world to her. I realize that one day she is going to become a teenager (sorry to take a dig at you teenagers) and I am going to become instantly ignorant but, for now, I’m soaking it up.

So one thing I like to do is show Adam the things she’s learned for the day. First, I taught her to say that “Daddy is cool, I’m awesome, and Momma is my best friend”. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of my honor of being her best friend. But, I decided I didn’t want Adam to get a big head so I taught her to say, “Daddy is cool, but Momma is the coolest and “I’m Awesome”. By this point, I’m having a lot of fun so, “I decided to teach her, “Momma is the coolest, I’m awesome, and Daddy is a nerd”. Since that hurt Adam’s feelings a little, I tried to teach her something new, something a little nicer but no, nerd stuck. But here is the funny thing. Last night, we had one of the teenagers, JT, with us. So I said, “Emma what is momma?” She said, “Momma is the coolest” “What are you?” “I’m awesome” “What is Daddy?” “Daddy is a nerd.” Then I said, “What is J.T.?” She said, “J.T. is sixteen.” And he is!! LOL

Part Three: She wants to be like me

Ok, now for the serious part. Adam and I each have a basket under the bathroom counter that our toiletries go in. And, I must add here, that I married a guy that uses more styling products than I do. Anyway, after Adam leaves each morning, I go into the bedroom and get his toiletries and go and put them back in his basket because of course, he never does that himself. This morning, Emma went and got them, and put them right in the basket. I was very excited about this for a couple of reasons: 1. I’m going to get some help around here. 2. She’s showing signs of not being messy like her daddy. But then, the seriousness of the situation hit. She does everything that I do. So, in light of that, I try not to be cheesy and put song lyrics on here but there are some that I’m thinking of that are just too fitting to leave off. So here they are:

I want to be just like you,
Cause she wants to be just like me
I want to be a holy example,
For innocent eyes to see

Help me be a living Bible Lord,
For my little one to see.
I want to be just like you,
Cause she wants to be like me.

Something like that anyway.. Now, to our busy day.

Love from Above,