Saturday, July 26, 2008

My New Obsession

I started this post a week or two ago and got it done and then hit one button and erased half of it and then when I started re-typing it, it was highlighted in yellow. So, I got frustrated and am just now picking it back up..


Coupon Clipping--- I am so addicted to coupon clipping

In West Virginia, we had an Aldi's. Aldi's is awesome! milk is 1.99 a gallon, eggs are .99 a dozen. They have these huge and fabulous frozen pizzas for 3.29. A bag of salad is .79. The produce is super cheap and super fresh.. you can go to and find the nearest one to you. Awesome deals in the whole store. Seriously, if you have an Aldis, thank God for the blessing and GO THERE! I was visiting my mom this weekend and I went to her Aldi's and bought four gallons of milk and froze them to bring back with me. Yes, I go through great extremes to save a few bucks. And we will eventually have an Aldi's here because I am going to e-mail them mercilessly until they put one here.

So off the rant about Aldi's and back on to coupon clipping. So since we don't have an Aldis (did I mention that Aldis is awesome?) I had to find a way to stay within our grocery budget. So, I started clipping coupons. And let me tell you, I have been getting stuff for FREE.. That's right FREE! And then I found out that there was this girl at church that clips coupons. Tiffany is the coupon queen! She is my coupon clipping idol. One day, my coupon binder will be as thick as Tiffany's and I will have reached couponer stardom. So, I've been listening intently to Tiffanies guidance and happening across all of these websites and I'm learning more and more! I've already checked out the deals for tomorrow and I'm going to get more free stuff.

So in case my enthusiasm hasn't convinced you yet.., I'm going to share with you some of the deals that I've gotten since I started this new hobby about a month ago.

Herbal Esscence Shampoo and Conditoner FREE
Crest Toothpaste FREE
CVS Tampons FREE
CVS Panty Liners FREE
detangler FREE
Secret Platinum deodorant FREE
And this week, I made .50 on Crest toothpaste. How awesome is that. Sure, I'll let you pay me to use your toothpaste. I'm like a celebrity getting free shoes. I feel so important.

And there have been so many other deals. I got a large bottle of Hunts ketchup today for 60 cents.. I got a $7.99 electric toothbrush for $.99 and a $7.99 razor for $.99. I got eight boxes of general mills cereal for right at a dollar a box.

This week I'm going to get free band-aids and I'll report my other deals later.

So if I've sparked your interest..

Here are a few things that I've learned so far... If you are an experienced couponer and are looking at me thinking that I'm an amateur... Please, tell me more.. I want to learn!!! Coupon hints can be left here!

Go to There is a free book you can download that will explain lots of stuff. They also have listings of the deals at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS. They tell you what is on sale and what coupons to put with the sales to get it dirt cheap...
They also have a link to where you can get newspaper subscriptions at 75% off. I think I've already saved enough in one month to pay for my years subscriptions.
Also, and are great websites too. CVS and Rite Aid seem to be the best places to get the freebies. And my friend Tangee e-mailed me with this cool site. And, of course the one that I mentioned in the previous post was

Kroger and Publix double coupons up to 50 cents.. Publix accepts competitors coupons
Store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be used together.

On Sunday mornings. I wake like a kid on Christmas morning and run out to get the paper then I spread it all out on the living room floor and study the thing like a text book and find out how much my paper is worth that day...

Just think how much I could save if I did coupons and had an Aldi's!

So please leave any thrifty hints you might have.. Coupons, energy savers, anything.. What do you do to save money? I'm all about stretching a dollar. Until next time, happy clipping!