Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Edit: 2/25/06 Thanks for the picture Papa!

So I'm back at home after a weekend of Winterfest. It was a really good trip. The lessons were excellent and the kids had a great attitude and got along very well. It was different for us and for them. I've been glad to get the firsts out of the way. I think with everything we've done, there is the memory of last year, we were with someone else for both us and for them. Anyway, transition is usually somewhat painful. We miss those that we love and it wouldn't be normal if we didn't. We're coming up on a year here. I can't believe it's been that long. I will be glad when we can say, "hey remember last year". Anyway, enough about that.

Well, my wonderful parents came up to Gatlinburg and kept Emma in Pegion Forge while we were at Winterfest. Afterwards, we stayed an extra day with my parents and sister's family. It was really nice to be able to relax after Winterfest and to spend some time with them. But, I wish we could have had more than one day. I have to see them again soon. I miss them so much.

Well, Emma and I had a sweet little conversation this morning. She asked me if her daddy used to be a little boy. I told her yes and she said she wanted to see a picture of him when he was a little boy. I told her that she would have to ask Nana and Papa because I didn't have any. Then I explained to her that Daddy used to live with Nana and Papa and I used to live with Nonna and Paw Paw and they were our momma's and daddy's and we didn't live together until we grew up and got married. And then I told her that one day, she would grow up and get married and have her own house and she would be a mother. She got very excited about being a mother. She said, "I get to be a mother?" I told her yes and she said, "I get to be a mother but I'm going to live with you". Obviously, I don't want that to happen but for now, I'm so glad that she can't imagine being with anyone but her daddy and me. Could I possibly love another one this much?

Nana and Papa, could we get a picture please?

Well, I need to study, have a test tomorrow. I'll try to put a picture up soon.

Love from above,