Sunday, August 02, 2009

Store Deals and Coupon matchups

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There are enough good coupons in the paper this week that I will buy a few papers. You can see the coupon list HERE

pay attention to the scenerio of what she plans to buy. If you are new and unsure of how to approach it, completely following her list would be a great way to get a feel of how CVS works.

There are a ton of free school supplies with your EB. Also, before you make the mistake that I did... Blink Tears are are 7.99 with 7.99 ECBs making them free. Except, there was a three dollar off coupon in todays paper making them a three dollar money maker. I ran out this morning because my CVS is so popular that they run out of things before church. But, when I got back home, I realized that I lost three dollars. :(


Rite Aid

Publix Penny item is 6 pack Publix water.

Kroger someone has also started a "free or really cheap" thread.

And in other areas:

Food World

Kroger Texas Region

Shaws deals only matchups are not yet made.

Find Coupon FAQ's and Lingo HERE