Wednesday, September 14, 2005

On our way

I don't know if you could call this a restful vacation but we're having a good time. We made it down to the beach and were able to spend one day on the beach. We enjoyed seeing some of our friends and Emma really enjoyed getting to play with her old friends. We saw some of the teenagers and parents from Panama City and were glad to see them doing well. Emma has taken to calling the teens in PC "the old teenagers" and the ones from West Virginia "the new teenagers". We're now working our way back up the map. We are spending the night at Adam's parents in Enterprise Alabama and going to church with them tonight. Tomorrow night, we will get together with some friends of mine from high school and spend the night at my parents house. Then Friday, we'll be going all the way home. I'm so glad that I think of it as home already. I could be really cheesy and put in some song lyrics here but I'll spare you. Hope you all are having a great week.

The picture of the pregnant girl is my friend Pam. Isn't she cute!!

Love from above,


More pictures from the ceremony