Saturday, September 17, 2005

Home Sweet Home

We’re finally home. We have been in seven states in the past week and I’m glad to be back home. Emma did great. She did not even whine once the whole trip. We made it home yesterday evening in an impressive 10 hours and 45 minutes. With a long McDonalds stop to play. Soon after we got home, we were paid a visit by some of the kids in the youth group. They brought milk and cookies with them. Very thoughtful.. I continuously thank God for bringing us here and blessing us so greatly.

Ok, the last few days of our trip:
We went to church with Adam’s parents Wed night and spent the night with them. Thursday, we had lunch with Adam’s grandmother and then traveled back to Birmingham. Thursday night, we had dinner at my friend Kristen’s house. Kristen is my best friend from high school and elementary school for that matter. I have known her since sixth grade. Our friend Jana also came over (also since sixth grade). All of our kids got to play together. Jana has two, Kristen one and one on the way (she's having a girl woo whoo.. And no, I don’t give in to peer pressure. We sat around at marveled at how much our lives have changed. Most people are not fortunate enough to have friends that they’ve known their whole lives. Thank you again God for blessing me so greatly.
Picture one: Jacob,Jayden(Jana's kids)Emma,Camden(Kristen)
Picture two: Emma,Kristen,Camden
Picture three: Emma and Camden

Today, I kept Connor Whitaker because Rachel had the baby. I’m about to do another post of the baby so their family can see pictures of him.

Have a great night.

All my love,


Funny thing Emma did:
She stood up in a chair and said to Adam, "Look daddy, I'm going to bust my tail".