Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today, I left the mess at my house and I went to the park with my friend Lu.  The only expectation for the day was that we would spend time visiting with the knowledge that if one of our children beat the crap out of the others, we would still be friends tomorrow.  She even commented on how clean my (not clean at all) van was.  The comparison: Mine didn't have near as many crumbs in the floor as hers. 

These kind of friendships are few and far between.  So in the future, I will make friendships like these a top priority in my life.  Because, I need them.  And next time, before I go, I will spread more crumbs on the floor of my van.  Because I care more about loving my friend than hiding my messes and looking like I've got it all together. 

And to you I wish a lifetime of friendships worth getting a little messy for.