Wednesday, March 03, 2010

A Milestone I Hadn't Anticipated

I am truly sad over this.. The shoe you see above, The Ked's T-Strap Daphne shoe was the first shoe I ever bought Emma.  It has been my standard for almost 7 years.  It's the all around multi-purpose little girl shoe.  It can be worn with jeans and little dresses.  It matches everything.  It's leather and washable.  One of those must haves for a little girl.   So Emma came to me the other day with her Keds and showed me that the velcro had torn off one of them.

So since today was a half day, we headed out to buy our little dependable standard.. And we came home shoeless. Because they no longer make them in her size.  And when I looked them up to make sure, I realized it is called a "toddler" shoe.  When did she stop being a toddler?  And how much damage have I done to her by dressing her in a toddlers shoe until she's almost 7?  Really I'm lucky that she has a tiny foot.  Most people met this milestone long before this age.  I seriously don't know where to go from here.  I need a shoe that isn't a tennis shoe but can be worn to play in...  Forget Hannah Montana!  I blame Keds for making my little girl grow up too fast!   I will be pulling the baby book out now to look at over a huge tub of icecream.. Oh how my heart hurts!

Shoe suggestions would be much appreciated