Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cute thing Emma said.

There really hasn't been anything real revolutionary to post lately. I just wanted to share something that Emma said last night. We were saying her bedtime prayer. We've been trying to teach her to actually talk to God and not just say a recited prayer. I think it's working.. The other day on the way out the door to preschool, she said, "God please help me stay on green all day today". But usually, when we are telling her to thank God, she's looking around her room and saying, "Thank you God for my barbies, thank you God for my polly pockets, thank you God for my jewelry box" the list goes on and on until we've named every item in her room. Well, it's hard to instill in a three year old that it's good to be thankful for our material things but there are other things to be thankful for. But we try to get her to thank God for the people in her life. So last night, I said, "You haven't thanked God for your friends at preschool" and so she said, "Thank you God for my friends at preschool." I said, "But you didn't name them". She said, "But they already have names". LOL, so Adam and I laughed and laughed and laughed some more. And I have to think that God was laughing with us. She'll get eventually. But, then it won't be so much fun.

Please pray for us. This time of year really seems to be hard as far as ministry goes.

Love from above,