Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My life is the Grandest

Ok, today was not a great day.. Emma and I both have a nasty cold and when I have a cold, I don’t sleep well so I’m tired and have a cold. Adam left me stuff here to do that he should have taken care of before he left (thanks sweetie) and I messed it up terribly. So, I’ve been messing with that stuff all day. The highlight of my day was going to Hannah’s (girl in the youth group) volleyball game with Kylee and Anna (girls in the youth group). Williamstown didn’t win but Hannah sure looked cute out there. It was all made better at the end of the night. Right after I got Emma ready for bed and in her pajamas, I looked at her and said, “Emma, you know baby, I really don’t feel very good”. She said, “It’s ok momma, I’ll scratch your back. That’ll make you feel better”. And yes, that’s a direct quote,she said all those words. And so she scratched my back and I basked in her sweetness. And yes, it did make me feel better. So, I’m about to go to bed knowing that my life is the grandest. And, I’ll pray that God takes care of all the other stuff tomorrow. Edit Sept 22: and he did!! God is great!

Love you all,


Now here’s the thing I’ve been tagged to do about a hundred times now:

10 years ago I:
-was 17 and had just got out of a serious relationship (by the way, serious relationships are for married people) and thought my world had ended.
-was a senior in high school and held the Alabama state championship in high jump
-could do a back tuck

5 years ago I:
-was married to the greatest guy in the world
-was living in Albany GA
-was in college and could do a back hand spring

1 year ago I:
-was still married to the greatest guy in the world
-was loving being a mommy
-lived in Panama City Florida and could do a cart wheel
Yesterday I:
-Was still married to the greatest guy in the world
-still loving being a mommy
- had 20 something teenagers at my house and was lucky to be able to get out of bed

5 snacks i enjoy
-soft pretzels with cheese from the mall
-oatmeal pies
-chocolate chip cookies and milk

5 songs i know by heart:
-Stay by Lisa Loeb
-I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi
-Patience by Guns and Roses
-many, many church songs
-many, many children’s songs

5 things i would do with a million dollars:
-pay off our house
- put half of it in investments. I’d live off the interest and let my family have the rest after I’m gone
-Set my mom up where she could retire um, in West Virginia J
- Give some to the church
Um, I’m out of money… a million dollars really wouldn’t go very far

5 places i would run away to:
-where ever my momma is
other than that, I pretty much like being at home
5 things i would never wear:
-tight rolled jeans. A lot of you probably don’t even know what those are..
-granny panties… ok, I did that once but it was a joke (huh Sam and Anna)
-a girdle… I don’t care how fat I get
-Abercrombie and Fitch… Though I love their jeans, I’m boycotting them because their catalogs have naked people in them.
-one of those glitter t shirts that say princess, or hot or something like that

5 favorite t.v shows:
-The Apprentice
-American Idol
-Dharma and Greg

5 bad habits:
-losing my keys
-calling Adam a dork
--wearing my heart on my sleeve (me too Heather)
- -caring what people think

5 greatest joys:
-..Emma Elaine Ellis
-Adam Keith Ellis (when he’s not a dork)
-my family
-the kids in the youth group
- -spending time with friends

5 fictional characters i would date:
-the guy Harrison Ford played in Air Force One
-Mel Gibson in Braveheart
-Clark Kent
-Adam Sandler in “50 First dates” Guess I like the heroic type

who needs to do this now:
-Heather Hedden
- -Adam, I’ll believe it when I see it
-Kayla Hammock
-Justin, my nephew
-Justin’s girlfriend Caitlin. I need to know some things about this girl