Monday, June 29, 2009

Are we there yet Papa Smurf?

Will you be traveling this summer? I don't know if traveling with your family is as fun as traveling with mine but, I would almost rather have a tooth pulled. Neither one of my girls have the ability to sit still so after a few hours, the whining sets in and I myself don't have the ability to tolerate whining. So, I thought it was quite ironic that I came across this site right after a road trip to Alabama. But, I thought that just maybe, that there is some poor mother out there that is carefully packing suitcases to make sure that her lovely's have everything they might possibly need. She will no doubt forget some necessity of her own in an effort to make sure that she doesn't forget the stuffed lamb that is missing an ear and once was white but now is brown and smells of who knows what because it's absence will result in a vacation of sleepless nights. But, maybe, just maybe there is hope that she can keep her sanity in the car...

And I will definitely be printing off some of these fun little games for our next trip.

You can print them too by clicking HERE