Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Where do I start?

Ok, so it's been several weeks. I've got a whole lot on my mind and just haven't known where to start. Should I tell you about how the nature of humanity is to stick to tradition whether it's pratical and efficient or not (more often not) drives me insane? Or how Paul says in the Bible that we should "become all things to all men". Paul believed in that principle enough that he shaved his head and observed a forty day jewish ritual (after he was a Christian) all for the sake of reaching the jews. And we are still arguing over whether or not one translation of the Bible is more holy than another. By the way, is anyone realizing that the Bible was written in Hebrew and Greek to begin with. Just to clear it up, No one reading this is reading the Bible out of the "original" text. Or maybe these concepts can't even be approached yet because we haven't yet grasped the concept that God is LOVE and that people will know us by our love for each other. Ok, just needed to vent a bit.

Now, Emma...
Emma is about to turn three and she's bringing it in in style. We had a rough week last week. She's testing the limits. Being a mother is hard. It's true when people say that having a child is like having your heart walk around on the outside of you. Today, we just stayed home and played. We had a wedding with her princess dolls and read books outside on a blanket in the yard. It was nice. She's with me all the time but there have been so many distractions.

Yesterday, she asked me if I could put her in a box and mail her to her nonna. It was cute, but a little sad too. I explained to her why that wouldn't work and she assured me that she wasn't hungry and that she wouldn't have to go to the potty. She doesn't understand what illegal means so she didn't care much about that part of my explanation. She amazes me how much she knows. She can now add numbers on her fingers up to ten. I read somewhere that toddlers ask on the average 300 questions a day. She reaches that by noon.

Since the last time I wrote, we went on vacation to Gatlinburg. We were with Adam's parents and grandmother for most of the week and then the last day, My dad's whole side of the family was there for my grandpa's 80th birthday party. We weren't able to stay for the whole weekend because we had to get back for church on Sunday but it was nice to see all of them. I guess distance does make the heart grow fonder. I feel like I'm always counting the days until we get to see family again. We will see my parents again this weekend and then Jan will come to visit the next weekend for Emma's birthday. Ok, sorry, I'm not much in the mood for poetic writing but that pretty much catches things up. I'll try to give you all a more inspiring upbeat post soon.

Love from above,


PS: Pictures:
Adam and Emma at the bird exhibit they had at the resort we stayed at in Gatlinburg
Emma and papa at the bird exhibit
Emma and my grandpa playing ball