Thursday, February 01, 2007

Adam and Emma's First Snow

A couple of weeks ago, we had the first real snow that we've had since we've moved to WV. So Emma and I had stayed home from church because she had a little bit of a case of pink eye and I was having lots of pregnancy. But, I forced myself outside because I didn't want to miss their first snow experience. Adam grew up in Florida, so he hadn't really ever experienced snow. Though I grew up in Alabama, we did have a few big snowfalls so it wasn't so new to me. Anyway, we pulled Emma around on a snow board thing that we have since we don't have any really big hills around our house, failed miserably at building a snowman, threw a few snowballs at each other and had a really fun time.

Ok, yesterday was not such a good day with the nausea stuff. I think I stopped counting at 15 with the throwing up. I was starting to get worried about getting dehydrated but my wonderful husband came home at lunch and took pity on me and fixed me soup and I was able to keep that down. He also talked to my doctor at church and she said she'd call me in some anti-nausea medication. I'm not sure... I was trying to make it through without taking anything but I may have to. I'm just scared that they are going to find out years later that there is some kind of birth defect in the children's children of the mother who took the anti-nausea medication. I'm sorry dear, your child has a third ear because your mom took anti-nausea medication when she was pregnant with you. Anyway, hopefully it will stop in a few weeks. I'm praying it does!

Love from above,