Sunday, April 01, 2007

What's New?

Not a whole lot really. However, I did want to make a post of a couple of things that Emma has said recently. And, do a pregnancy update since this is the only journaling I'm doing through this one.

Ok, so Emma.. I'm sad to say that recently, I have gotten so caught up in the parts of life that I will actually want to forget one day that I haven't recorded some of the things that I would like to remember. But, while I have these on my mind.. 1) The other night, we had put Emma to bed and she was yelling things to us from her bedroom. Now, she knows that it would not be a smart move to get up from her bed so she does all that she can do to try to get us to come back in her bedroom once we've already put her down. Sometimes she has to go to the bathroom again (and this one you don't chance unless you want to change sheets in the middle of the night) sometimes she needs a drink of water and sometimes it's more creative than that. For instance, right now, as I write, she is yelling, "mom, my lips are chapped". Anyway, most of the time, we ignore it and it goes away. But the other night, she started yelling, "I don't like shadows". Now having gone through this before for we know that the only way to get rid of shadows is to make the room totally dark. That usually doesn't work either. I guess she couldn't think of anything new that night. So, we like usual were ignoring it. And then we heard, "ATTENTION EVERYONE I DON'T LIKE SHADOWS". Ok, I don't know if that sounds as funny as it seemed to us but Adam and I did quite a bit of rolling in the floor over that one. Adam did finally give in and go back in there (what a sucker) and she opted for having the lights out. Who would have known. 2) This morning, Emma and I skipped Sunday school and went to the main service only. She has a little bit of a cold and didn't sleep well last night and I thought I would be nice and try not to get anyone else sick. Especially since we might already be responsible for giving half of the church rotavirus. First, I will say that apparently, the punishment for missing Sunday school is having to go into church in the middle of a thunderstorm because just as we got there, the bottom dropped out. So, I looked around the car and was happy to see that we had a very tiny tinkerbell umbrella. So, I devised a plan. I would turn around and unbuckle Emma's carseat, she would crawl up front and then we would get out of the car together. I would carry her so that the little umbrella would cover the both of us (three of us actually)and all would be swell. This plan probably would have worked fine if she hadn't stopped to pick up the three barbie dolls that she had dropped on the way to the front seat leaving me standing outside of the car. Anyway, we finally got it all together and Emma said this.. "I'm afraid that the baby is going to be the only one of us that doesn't get wet today". I didn't get into the logistics of the fact that the baby is actually in a bag of amniotic fluid but it did make me laugh.

Ok, now for the pregnancy update. I am now somewhere between 17 and 18 weeks depending on whether you go by the doctors date or the measurements of the ultrasound. The pregnancy sickness has pretty much subsided other than a little bit of nausea at night. I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and then at that appointment I will schedule an ultrasound appointment for the following week where we will find out what the sex is (if the baby cooperates). My mom and dad are going to come up for Easter and they will be able to go with us and that makes me tremendously excited. I am at that in between stage where nothing fits me. My normal clothes are getting tight but the maternity clothes are too big. Regardless, I do have a little baby bump that I'm sure will turn into a large mountain soon. I am feeling a little movement here and there though it isn't distinct enough to feel from the outside yet.

And the best news.... In the post where I announced that we were pregnant, I mentioned that we had several friends that have been struggling with infertility. Well, some of them still are so please keep praying!! But there is one wonderful success story I want to share. Our friends Tony and Susan have been trying since 2004 (I think). Well, about a month ago, they called us to tell us that they were pregnant!!! Praise God. But, it gets better than that.. Susan calls me the other night and says, "Hey, I just wanted to let you know that we had an ultrasound today and I saw the babies". After I had time to catch my breath she explained that there were only two. Now Susan if you are reading this, I'm sure you are thinking ONLY TWO!!! But, I had four pictured in my mind. Anyway, I think that is just perfect. I am so happy for them. They are going to be wonderful parents. And best of all, there will be two more people in the world that are going to be raised by Christian parents to show Jesus to the world. Thank you for your prayers. Please keep praying for their pregnancy, mine, and our ministry.

Love from above,

PS: Ignoring the chapped lips seems to have worked;)