Monday, August 16, 2010

2nd Grade-- I did it with no tears.... Well, Almost..

Today was the first time that I left Emma for the first day of school without crying.. I did get a little weepy when I came home and compared this year's pictures to Kindergarten and First Grade.. But all and all, we were all ready for school to start this year.  After dropping Emma off, I looked back at Chloe and said, "Well girl, it's just you and me now" and Chloe cheered for joy.  Seriously, not kidding... We had a wonderfully fun and exceptionally exhausting summer.. We are in dreadful need of a routine.  And each girl will now get the individual attention that they've been competing for all summer.  It works out since we carpool, that I am able to put Chloe down for a nap about an hour before Emma is scheduled to be home, have some alone time for me, and then some alone time with Emma when she gets home..

Chloe will also go to preschool two days a week this year.  And just in time since I've started  assisting my photographer friend, Mary Beth, with photo shoots.   I will not link to Mary Beth here because it would identify my location to the paparazzi (hey, don't mess with my fantasies.. Since the world doesn't think my life is as interesting as I do, I  make up my own stalkers).  But, I'll just say she's a great friend and a blast to work with.   If you're local and you want some great photos, e-mail me and I'll give you links to our site... But, you better hurry!  At the rate the calls are coming in, we'll be booked for the rest of the year before August is over.    It will also give me a little time to work on The Mom-tage, a collaborative mom blog that my dear friend Holly and I started last year.  I'm excited to get a chance to spend some more time on both of these projects and I'm especially thankful for the blessing of friendship that both of these girls have brought in my life this summer.  For the first time in my life, I have actually succeeded at fulfilling a New Years Resolution (if you're that curious, that post would be in um, January in my archives).    

Speaking of The Mom-tage.. I'm so excited about the book chat we're doing at the end of September with  SHARI BRAENDEL, author of GOOD GIRLS don't have to DRESS BAD.  You can see all of the details over at The Mom-tage .  Click on the Mom-tage Moms tab to get on our e-mail list and to add your blog to our list.  We look forward to chatting with you there!  

And speaking of photos... Please do not take these photos of Emma below to represent my photography skills..  Not only does Emma's school starting at an ungodly hour make me feel like beating the alarm clock with a baseball bat, it also doesn't make for great "first day of school pictures" since it's barely daylight when we leave..

But feel free to weep along with me about how fast she's growing..

Well I must run now.. Though Chloe will not be happy with me for prematurely waking her from her nap, I'm off to get my second grader.  I just can't bring myself to let anyone else pick her up on the first day.  I always like to see her fresh reaction to her first day of school... Oh, and I made her favorite cream cheese danishes as a surprise to send in her lunch and I've been wondering all day how she reacted.. How cheesy is that?  (No pun intended).

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