Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New You!

A couple years ago we went to a youth rally right before New Years. One of the speakers did a talk about starting the year a new as a new you. We went around the whole weekend saying Happy New You! instead of Happy New Year. I don't even know who the speaker was but the thought has always stuck in my head. We had a wonderful Christmas and I'm going to tell you about that in a minute but first, I want to tell you what I love about starting a new year. When I was a child, Christmas would end and I would always feel a little down. I spent the day with a couple of the teens, Sam and Anna yesterday and I could definately sense this with them. It was like we had this huge build up for months and then we woke up Christmas morning, opened the presents, headed to my grandmothers house and by the time we got home that evening, the signs of Christmas were already beginning to fade. At the risk of sounding like an old person... I am glad to see Christmas go... I think that it could be that Christmas is possibly the season that I give the least attention to "the reason for the season" Jesus. I'm ashamed to say it but it's true. It is a busy time... We cut bible lessons short, by the time we get to bed, we are so tired that we make bible stories quick. I don't know if there is a way to prevent that.. I hope in the years to come I'm more successful in celebrating the true meaning of Christmas. But for now, the calendar has rolled over, and it gives me a reason to remember what Jesus did for me and that the slate is clean not just once a year but continuously. So, in celebration of the true meaning of Christmas, Happy New You!!

We made a very loooonnng journey to Alabama. Emma was very pleasant in our travels. On the way home, we were in the car for 14 hours and she did not fuss once. We made many McDonalds play land stops along the way and Emma now has friends in every state from here to Alabama even though she doesn't know their names.

We were visited by some friends and family at my moms on Friday before Christmas. On Saturday, we left Emma to be spoiled rotten by my mother while Adam and I went on a last minute scavanger hunt for some of those hard to find Christmas gifts. We were very sucessful in our endeavors and even had time for lunch with our good friends Johnny and Jenny Brown. On Christmas Eve, we had dinner with my life long friend Kristen and her husband Brian. Emma and her little boy Camden had so much fun playing together. I really think they love each other and I can't help but wonder if it's because they know that their mommies love each other so much. I have to give my wonderful mother a huge thanks for letting us totally invade her house and preparing all kinds of food for me to be able to have all these people over to her house. I'm sure your mother is great but she can't possibly be as wonderful as mine :) Unless, you are Denise of course.

On Sunday, we opened gifts and then headed on to Adam's parents where we opened gifts again. I was completely thrilled to find out that Adam's mom was buying us a new dishwasher. Mine broke right before Thanksgiving and we went through the whole holiday season washing dishes by hand. Now I know that that's how people used to do it but frankly, it stinks and I enjoy modern technology. She also gave me a Roomba vacuum. I don't know if you're familiar with the Roomba but again, great modern technology. It vaccums itself. Those two items should give me back about 25 hours of every week. That's a whole extra day!! While we were at Adam's parents, we went to Dothan and met up with the White's from PC and had a nice visit with them. On Tuesday, we started our long journey back on. We had a wonderful time visiting with our families!

Since we have been home, we have started potty training.. yet again, but we are having much more success this go around. I think it's because of the big girl bed with a princess cover and princess pillow I have promised Emma. Hey, whatever works. Anyway.. Emma is up so it's time for me to go. Until next time, Happy New You!