Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten Months Old!

I spent all last week trying desperately to get a picture of my little speeding bullet. I knew that with the way she's moving, trying to get a picture of her on the day that she actually turned 10 months old was a huge gamble. I did get a few pictures I liked better but since this one fully depicts what we're mostly seeing these days, I decided to go with it.

But here is a a little math equation of my own for my school teacher friend Susan.

A determined, moving baby
A determined mother with a camera
A trip to the park on a 100 + degree day
One steaming hot cup of frustration for both baby, mother, and the poor little five year old who "just wants to play".

And here are a few other pictures of Chloe from the past few days that I determined salvagable. Since they are the best I can do right now.