Saturday, September 12, 2009

Deals and Matchups

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There will be up to five inserts in tomorrow's paper 3 Smart Source and 2 Red Plum. Bigger city newspapers have more coupons so make sure you get the largest one available to you.

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Lots of Clearance items right now

I've read lots of reports that a lot of the CVSs have gone to 90% off on summer items. People are reporting getting flip flops for 24 cents a pair.
If your here in town, I checked the CVS here and the only summer items left are the coolers. But, they are 90% off if you need a cooler.

-Wet Ones Antibacterial Wipes Travel Pack, $0.19 (from $1.99)

Red package of 15 wipes, UPC 07682804702
Found in various places in different stores: up at the cash register with the chapstick and trial size stuff; hanging on a vertical plastic strip in the snack aisle, near the disposable picnic stuff like paper plates and napkins (none were in the same section as the Wet Ones canisters, you have to search for them).

-Value Pack BandAid 20 ct with 1/2 oz Neosporin ointment $0.69 (from $6.99)

SpongeBob (UPC 381370050315) and Hello Kitty (UPC 381370058441) on the front of package, found in the medication/first aid section. It's usually on the top shelf amongst a section of Neosporin stuff. There are $0.50 and $1 off coupons for BandAid products in the coupon database.

- Zantrex 2 pk Energy Shots, $1.49 (blue package). Found in diet/energy drinks and on clearance aisle.

Pharmacy & beauty stuff, found in clearance section at one store only:

- Tylenol Severe Allergy 48 ct, $2.84
-$1 Tylenol coupon found in database
- CVS severe allergy medication
- Zicam allergy swabs
- Children liquid Zyrtec, about $3
- Neutrogena foot cream (small white tube)
- Nivea, Lip Smackers, Dr. Pepper, and soft lips chapstick
- Dollar Days 40 ct baby wipes (blue package, UPC 013308446265), $0.25
- Glade candle, Dewberry, about $1.50
- Anti cellulite/aging cream $9.99 (from $39.99, wish I had bought this when I saw it!). I can't think of the brand name but I think it's something -derma, it was in a peach and black box and is normally found with the expensive skin care stuff next to the Preventin line.

Rite Aid


Kroger Mega Deal!!

Publix Penny item is Publix Vanilla Wafers

For other areas:

Food World-- Food World lady promises to have it up tomorrow.

Kroger Texas Region
For you Julie, it looks like you have a deal where if you buy three participating items, you get a breakfast meal free. I think you will have a mega deal starting on the 17th.

Kroger Central Region-- Aunt Carrol, this is you. It looks like your ads run from Wed. to Wed. so your mega sale should start this Thursday the 17th as well. Right now, you have a deal where if you buy three participating items, you get a free gallon of milk.