Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 2008

Ok, so I'm in a rush to get some pictures posted because my mom's going to my Aunt Nancy's tonight so she can see all the pictures and videos that I've posted. They live so far out in Easta Boga that they only just recently made DSL available in their area. So, when I go visit, I'm going to get her set up. Can't wait till we see you mom. Enjoy the pictures! We love You!

The following are random pictures from January:

This day, she fell asleep in the jumparoo. I was sitting there watching her and she would wake up and jump a little and then drift off again. It was really funny

Sunday morning before church outfits by Aunt Denise. Unfortunately, Chloe's didn't make it to church due to an explosion.
Now if I can just train her to do the laundry
She knows she's living the easy life

Another Sunday morning before church outfits courtesy of the Aunts. Emma's- Aunt Denise, Chloe's -Aunt Jan.

We had a couple of unseasonably warm days and by warm I mean 60 degrees but hey, we'll take what we can get. We were starved for vitamin D so we spent lots of time out doors those two days. We even had our friends the Lombard's over to cook out. I'm ready for spring!!

Four month pictures

At this point when I was taking her pictures, she just looked up at the ceiling and started dying laughing. I don't know, I think she has an angel.