Monday, July 13, 2009

Manic Monday-- Red, Yellow, Black and White..

Perhaps the most treasured gift my daughter ever received was a set of paper dolls given to her on her third birthday by her Aunt Denise. My sister had began working on the multi cultural set when Emma was a small baby. No telling how many hours she spent, cutting, laminating and affixing each and every little piece, to magnet sheets. She is a kindergarten teacher and has so many fun and creative ideas for kids. There are several different dolls of different colors. One with glasses, one with more narrow eyes. Emma spent countless hours changing out outfits, hairstyles and accessories using the hundreds of pieces that my sister had worked on so diligently. And, it provided me a wonderful opportunity to teach her that God makes us all unique each and every one of us and loves us all, just the way we are.

Now had I been left to my own devices, Emma would have no doubt ended up with paper dolls that would have lasted through one or two uses but, with all the hard work that my sister put in them, almost every piece survived her preschool years. They now have a home on a shelf out of reach in our playroom closet, waiting for Chloe to get old enough to somewhat understand their value.

Though I surely can't supply you with the kind of quality paper dolls that my sister supplied us with, I can provide you with the source,The Making Friends website, where she found them. And, if you are in the competition for the title of "Aunt of the Year", these will surely give your running mates a run for their money.

Thanks Aunt Denise for a gift that is priceless. We treasure them.