Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

This is the view out my back door this morning. The big fir tree is in our next door neighbors yard. I thought it looked like Christmas. School is closed today and that is fine with me seeing as it's 9 degrees outside.

I will get a Christmas picture of the girls if I'm ever able to get them both well at the same time. We've been fighting what is most popularly known as "the crud" for about a month now. Both of my girls have had this yucky stuff coming out of their eyes, it would go away for a while and then they'd seem to have a relapse. Well, Emma was put on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago. I thought Chloe was going to kick it but we woke up yesterday morning with her eyes matted together. So, now Chloe gets here turn... I was trying to avoid putting her on antibiotics but, here we go.. My mom and dad are flying in this weekend so I'm hoping she gets to feeling better soon. Btw, prayers for things to warm up and the snow to melt off would be great since we will be making a trip to Columbus to get them and that's a good two and a half hours away.

I already knew it but it is definitely official that Emma is the best big sister ever. Chloe spits up quite a bit anyway but since she's got all of this mucus stuff, it's been particularly bad lately. Well, this morning, she spit up on Emma. Emma's face to be exact. Emma said, "yuck" and froze until I could wipe her up then she looked at Chloe and said, "poor baby". Now, here's where my sickness comes in... What was I doing? Well, I did clean them up but the whole time, I was laughing my head off. I guess that since I get spit up on so regularly, I think it's hilarious when it happens to someone else. I remember laughing at the one particular time when Emma was a baby when Adam had the bright idea to lift her right over his face right after she had eaten. But it doesn't stop at that.. I laugh when he hurts himself too. I know.. it's horrible but I can't help it. I'm also remembering the time that Adam ran full speed into our sliding glass door. I'm laughing now just thinking about it. But that day, I was rolling on the floor. Adam's mom was here and she at least checked to make sure he was ok before she started laughing. I know, I'm cruel and heartless. But seriously, I didn't have to check to know he's hard headed. Anyway, sorry about the randomness. No sleep, sick baby.

Love from Above,

PS: Note to Adam... I will continue to post embarrassing stories about you until you decide to comment :). I love you