Monday, June 30, 2008

Ten Months Old!

I spent all last week trying desperately to get a picture of my little speeding bullet. I knew that with the way she's moving, trying to get a picture of her on the day that she actually turned 10 months old was a huge gamble. I did get a few pictures I liked better but since this one fully depicts what we're mostly seeing these days, I decided to go with it.

But here is a a little math equation of my own for my school teacher friend Susan.

A determined, moving baby
A determined mother with a camera
A trip to the park on a 100 + degree day
One steaming hot cup of frustration for both baby, mother, and the poor little five year old who "just wants to play".

And here are a few other pictures of Chloe from the past few days that I determined salvagable. Since they are the best I can do right now.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emma's Five Years Old!

And more on that when I get an internet connection!

No Internet

Just in case any of you are wondering where I've disappeared to... We don't have internet at the house. So if you need me quick, give me a call or e-mail Adam.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Look at Her Go

I couldn't believe it! Chloe started crawling so early that she was pretty banged up there for a while. She must learn quickly because she has become the most cautious little thing I've ever seen. When most kids are learning to walk (at least the ones that I've seen), they pretty much try to get as many steps in before they fall but Chloe takes one step, steadies herself than goes again. Much different from her take life by a storm kind of sister. They are like night and day. I love their uniqueness. Hmm, don't you wonder what a third one would be like? Well you'll just have to keep wondering.;).

Emma has learned to hulla hoop and can hoola hoop like a mad woman. We have a movie of that too that we will try to get up. I wanted to get this one of Chloe up on the exact date.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Birthday Party Invitation

Here is the invitation that I did for Emma's birthday. I had planned on doing a photo invitation but I was running out of time. These will just go out to her new friends at church. Hopefully I will be able to get five year old pics soon and be able to do a five year old photo announcement.

I changed the address. We don't actually live on candy land lane :)

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hilary is nuts

I have avoided talking about my choice of candidates for the 2008 presidential election mainly because my plan is to write in Harrison Ford. Since the biggest qualification for being a politician is being a skilled actor, I think he is the most qualified. He did a fantastic job playing that role in Air Force One and he's good looking too.

But I do have to make one little comment about current events. Either Hilary Clinton is brilliant and has a conspiracy to split the democrat party to get McCain elected so that she can have another chance in four years or she is completely and totally nuts.

Brilliant or nuts? What do you think?

Politics are twisted...

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Here are the pictures that I promised. I will try my best to never let them pile up like this again. I worked on this off and on for three days. It was taking the pictures forever to upload. So, it may take you three days to look at it. Here is a summary of our last days in WV and our first days in SC.

On the Saturday before our move, our friend Jessie came and got Emma to spend the afternoon with her. She gave her quite a royal day. They went to the salon to get her hair done, got a princess outfit complete with makeup and accessories, and got her nails done. Emma had a blast. Thank you Jessie you are awesome! We love and miss you!

My sweet little graduate. Okay, the sweet part is a lie if we're talking about when this picture was made but she looks sweet :). We're doing some attitude adjusting as my dad used to say and we're getting things back in line. Emma graduated preschool on May 23rd.
This is Emma reading the poem that we wrote. They had a family homework assignment to make a poster of the things that they loved about preschool. Normally I would have done something using pictures that we had taken throughout the year but we were a little short on time so this is the poem we wrote:

Preschool is great,
Preschool is fun,
Mrs. Maidens and Mrs. Morris
I love them a ton

I like to play
I like to run
When we play on the playground,
we all have some fun

Circle time, I love it
The stories are great
I'll be reading in no time
Going at this rate

Well I'm off to Kindergarten
I'll try with all my might
But I really am hoping
they don't have a red light

All of the children drew pictures of what they wanted to be when they grew up. This is Emma explaining her poster. She said that she wanted to be a mommy. This is a picture of her and her two kids. Mrs. Maidens asked her if they were girls or boys. Emma said that they were girls. Mrs. Maidens asked her what their names were going to be and Emma said that one would be Claire and the other, the daddy would get to name :). That made me smile and cry of courseHere is Emma getting her certificate. Emma's preschool was one of the best things about WV. I think we're going to have a hard time finding as quality of a program for Chloe. Emma is walking around sounding out all kinds of words. She met all of her pre-K goals such as tying shoes, knowing her address and phone number. She had to learn a new address and phone number. We're very proud of her.
So Emma graduated on Friday night and we moved on Saturday. I had my camera ready to snap a picture of the welcome to South Carolina sign and then my mom called and I missed it. This is the picture of the sign at the welcome center. It says, "South Carolina, smiling faces, beautiful places". So far, that proves to be true.
Here is our house. Julie, I know that you are patiently waiting for pictures of the inside but I'm waiting for it to look more like a home than a warehouse of boxes. I'm working on it! If you look in the bottom right corner, you'll see my Chloe girl.

Here is the picture of the sign at the church that Susan requested. So sweet!

I just had to post these next pictures. They are horrible but when I pulled them up, I laughed like crazy. I'm sorry Papa, I'll try again next time. Keith was with us through the whole thing. I had thought that I would get a picture of the three of them on the night of Emma's graduation but it was so crazy that night. We were loading the truck and everyone was yucky and then we had to quit and get ready for the graduation real quick. So it ended up that we took a picture the morning that Papa left after everyone was exhausted and you can tell it in the pictures.

I have to say it publicly that Papa is our hero. There are a lot of times that you say to someone, "thank you, we couldn't have done it without you" Seriously, we couldn't have done it with out you Papa! And really, the move went pretty smoothly considering all that there was going on. Thank you Thank you Thank you Papa!

This is how we helped stimulate the economy as if selling and buying a house wasn't enough...This is the first time that we've had room for a king size bed. We just bought the box springs and mattresses and a frame. I found this place downtown that has closeout mattresses and we got a great deal! Maybe we'll get a headboard and a comforter one day, maybe not. These pictures show what happens when you get a king size bed.

Chloe, Nine Months
I'll try to get back to my little layouts next month...
I was out in the back yard trying to get a picture of Chloe on the day that she turned nine months old and someone came to the door so this was the only one I got.

But these were taken on the next day. The church has an awesome playground. Don't let the smiles fool you, she really was sick and feeling miserable. She just loves posing for the camera. Good thing because her sister is totally going through a Chandler smiling phase.
And so does our neighborhood. The following pictures were taken at our neighborhood park yesterday.

My parents came this past weekend but I forgot to get pictures. That's okay because we're going to see them again this weekend. How crazy is that?

Update on grandma... She's home from the hospital and Aunt Alice is there with her right now.
My grandma went into the hospital with what they thought was a heart attack but turned out to be an anxiety attack from what I understand. Thank you all for the prayers for both of them.