Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ellis Family Update

The girls are at my sister's house right now. This is the first time we've been away from Chloe more than just a few hours and it's the first time since we had Emma six years ago that we've been away from her and it wasn't work related (aside from one night away, less than 24 hours on our 10th anniversary just a couple of months ago). Adam and I have really enjoyed getting to spend some alone time together. Now that Chloe is weaned, I think we'll do this more often, if my mom and sister can handle it. Last Friday, we met my sister and her family at Six Flags and handed the girls off. I have to admit that I've done very well and have enjoyed the break. But, some time yesterday my heart felt a little hole start to creep in and I'm longing for them. We are going to go over for my nieces first birthday tomorrow and I will be anxiously counting the hours until I meet my sister in Montgomery to get my babies. It has been nice to catch up on my blog posts and some things around the house.

I haven't taken many pictures lately. I had to send my camera into Canon for some work. But, I wanted to get caught up with the few things I did get in the last couple of weeks.

My friend Rebecca's little boy stayed with us for a week so their nanny could take a trip to the beach. Chloe just loves Mason and Emma enjoyed him too.

His favorite toy here was the vacuum cleaner. I figured it was good training for the future, just in case Chloe keeps her affections for him :). Emma of course insisted that he played dress up so, here he is as our Dirt Devil King.

I took Mason and the girls to the library because as part of the summer reading program, they were having the "reptile and amphibian guy" do a demonstration. Now if you know me at all. You know I have a tremendous fear of snakes. I get scared of a crayon colored picture of a snake. When I was a child, I took the blankets off my bed every night before I got into bed to make sure there were no snakes. If I see a snake or a snake on TV, I'll have nightmares for days. Some have called this fear irrational. I do not consider a fear of something that is dangerous as irrational. I have many people in my life that have some sort of psychology degree. I DO NOT FEEL THE NEED TO RID MYSELF OF THIS FEAR, IRRATIONAL OR NOT. IF YOU TRY TO PUT ME INTO CONTACT WITH A SNAKE TO TRY TO "HELP" ME. YOU ARE LIKELY TO DIE. IF I DON'T DIE OF A HEART ATTACK FIRST.

But, my sweet little six year old insisted that the reptile and amphibian guy had been to her school and that he only had things like frogs and turtles and alligators. No snakes. Alligators are fine.. I realize that alligators are more dangerous than some snakes. I don't care hence the irrational part. But anyway, due to Emma's description of the show, we sat on the first row.

There were more pictures... Most of them came out clearly because I was shaking so badly.

Did you notice his smirk in the second picture. I'm pretty sure that he sensed my uneasiness. Not that it wasn't obvious. Therefore, he decided to hold each and every snake directly over my head. Something tells me he is single and will remain that way. There was a mom sitting behind me that kept committing on how pretty the snakes were. I thought she was pretty ignorant but that didn't keep me from sitting in her lap by the time the show was over.

Emma is grounded for life. Just kidding... She still insists that she was telling the truth. I feel sure she has a career in politics somewhere in her future.

Alas, on to better things...
We found out about this lake that is only 20 minutes from our house. It has a beach and a few water slides and diving boards and it's only 5 dollars for adults and 3 for children. We were very excited about this discovery.

I wasn't going to post this picture of Adam in all of his white glory but, I'm pretty sure that the girl in the bikini was checking him out and I just couldn't resist. And by the end of the day, he had turned to a nice shade of candy apple red..

Here is a picture of Emma with a friend she made. The kid makes friends everywhere she goes. I only wish I was as social as she.

And last but not least, our trip to Six Flags. These pictures were copied off of facebook from Denise's account. So, sorry about the resolution. I'm quite sure
that she is making me a CD so that I can have higher res. pictures for our family yearbook ;)

I will post the rest when I get them from Aunt Denise.