Thursday, July 10, 2008

Bloggers Block

Or maybe it's Bloggers rush..

When I was first pregnant with Chloe, I was so sick that I let the house get unorganized which if you know me, only made me more sick... Anyway, I got so overwhelmed that it took me a while to get back on top of the mess because I just couldn't figure out where to start... Well, that's how I feel about this blog.. so much to tell.. so little time to do it that I just keep putting it off... Plus, I've misplaced my largest memory card which has a few pictures on it that I wanted to post..

Chloe is moving.. FAST... She's climbing. She climbed the gate up the stairs the other day.. She somehow pushed it over to where it was kind of propped on the stairs and she got her little toes in the cracks and climbed... She was crying the whole time because it was hurting her little toes.. but she kept climbing.. Determination is good.. when your a mother... I'm tired..

Emma walks around behind me all day asking questions... what's that? How do you spell.....? What does Alzheimer mean? Do they forget how to talk? Well do they forget how to sit up? Well to they forget how to......? What does the president do? What laws does he make? What if I had been a boy instead of a girl? What do you think my kindergarten teacher's name will be? What if the sky was red? What if I were your mother and you were my daughter? What makes a horn honk? What number comes after 79? And I'm sure you think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. These are only a few of the ones I can remember for the last day or so. I've always made a point to try to answer her questions.. But now, I think she just wants to hear me admit that I don't know... I DON'T KNOW Emma, let's play the quiet game... All of you mothers with babies just waiting on the first word.. Be careful what you wish for. Once it starts.. IT NEVER STOPS.

Anyway, we're busy. It's a good busy. Not the oh my goodness I've got a deadline and everyone is counting on me busy. I'm not sure that anyone is expecting anything at all from me right now except for my girls. That's the first time for that since well, never. That's wonderful but some how scary to me... Adam's loving being a preacher (I've still got to come up with a better word for it than that. That just sounds icky). I guess we all knew that he would. I sit there during church holding my breath because I'm afraid that he's really stirring people up. And everyone kindly reminds me that that's what they hired him to do. I think he's doing what he was born to do.. Which I guess means I'm doing what I was born to do since I feel confident that God made us for each other but, I'm still trying to figure out what that means for me.

I have a blog post hanging in the draft folder that I started on July 2.. I've come back to it and written a little more a couple of times. I might get it finished before the summer ends. If not, Emma starts Kindergarten in the fall.

So anyway, if you get to wondering where I went, I'm chasing the sweet, sweet, baby girl in only a diaper because she HATES to wear clothes followed by the vivacious and inquisitive five year old who has changed clothes at least 10 times that day. And I'm trying desperately to pack in the last little bit that I can before she will spend more of her time with another woman than she will me. No, I'm not giving her up for adoption... I'm talking about her Kindergarten teacher... And there's a whole other post I need to write!

My bed is calling my name.. Actually, that's not true, it called it an hour ago. Now all I have to do is close the laptop and drift off to sleep. And that's why I haven't been writing in here... I've sacrificed a whole hour of sleep that I needed to store up energy for tomorrow.

Edit: So Anna and Rachel know just how excited we are to see them and that last line was an afterthought just before I drifted off to sleep. I was more referring the storing up energy for a long car ride with the girls and not that Rachel and Anna took a lot of energy...

Tomorrow, we will be going to get Rachel and Anna, two of the teens from WV that are going to stay with us for a week. WE ARE SO EXCITED TO SEE THEM. I plan on just enjoying the week with them so definitely don't expect anything for a while...