Friday, July 03, 2009

Family Friday

I'm going to cheat and post a slide show of our trip to Alabama. I have so many pictures that I will never get them posted if I try to post them individually. We were there two and a half weeks and saw lots of our friends and family but still didn't see everyone. That's okay though because I'm quite sure that my friend Kristen and her family are going to be visiting me soon :).

I also need to say that I also had the pleasure of having such a wonderful visit with two of my high school friends Ashley and DJ. But, I failed to get a picture. Which, is really sad because we had a long chat about cameras. But, even though I don't have a picture of them, they are still two of my favorite people ever. I also missed getting Nana and Granny in a picture but they were there and lovely as always. The pictures that I'm posting of our college student center reunion, I totally stole from SUSAN's blog because mine are lost somewhere in my mess of a hard drive.

Anyway, we really enjoyed our trip and were so blessed by all of the people that we love. But we are glad to be back at home and in our own beds and living by our much more lax than the school year, summer routine.

And here, is a video that some of you requested of Adam singing with "Majesty". Thanks to Susan since I ended up with a Video camera and dead battery with no charger. Susan, you rock!