Friday, August 27, 2010

Proof That I've Earned My Crazy Title

I don't think that people understand what I mean when I talk about how active my Chloe is..  So, I decided to provide some evidence.. If you watch this video and wonder what in the world she's saying. She thinks she speaks Spanish.  Actually, she thinks she speaks Dora.. She has a whole language of her own.  She is one of my greatest pleasures.  And, the reason that you're not getting a well thought out blog post.  I'm choosing sleep instead. 

This is an 8 minute video.. I realize you don't want to watch my kid for 8 minutes.  You probably don't want to watch your own kid for 8 minutes... It shouldn't take you that long to see what I mean.  Anyway, this went on for at least an hour..