Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Baby!

Two Years Old Today!

You are everything I did not anticipate in a child. I was fully prepared for the normal strong headiness that comes with a toddler. What I wasn't prepared for was your ability to make me laugh when I'm trying to discipline you. Or how you stubbornly stomp your foot in refusal of my attempt to steer you away from your tenth pack of fruit snacks by offering an alternative, all the while you're politely saying, "no thank you". Or how you do a teasing little dance when I tell you to come to me, one step forward and two steps back with a sweet little mischievous grin on your face. All the while I'm holding in a grin of my own as I'm threatening to discipline you. And then, once you've push the charade to the point that I feel as I must act to show you I mean business, you run to me with arms wide open with the most marvelous kiss intended sheepishly saying, "momma"? Therefore, somehow leaving me to wonder if maybe you didn't know that I wasn't kidding and afraid that I will break your will or your trust in me if I punish you while you were innocently trying to play with me. Even though, I am quite positive that you are fully aware of your manipulating abilities and that the only will that is being broken is my own. Because somewhere, you have convinced me that these sneaky little plays you preform are one of your most alluring qualities though I'm quite sure that your future teachers will disagree. Yes dear, you have me smitten. And I'm quite sure at some point, this will cause us trouble.

You're a complicated little bundle of joy. The life of the party to those that you love and trust and a complete turtle in a shell to someone new. You have better rhythm than some adults and can already run across the room kicking a ball like a skilled soccer player. You have a HUGE vocabulary though it often needs help from your translator to those that are not with you all day. I love to pass Chic fil' A and hear your shouts of "Chic P Lay Cow, Chic P Lay Cow"! To you, life is one big game. And to the rest of your family who often takes themselves WAY to seriously, you are just what we need.

Chloe Anne Ellis, you light up my life. I'm so glad that God made me your mother!

I love you,

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