Friday, August 14, 2009

Sugar and Spice

I thought that now would be a great time to record some cute things they've said lately...

The girls visited my mom and sister a couple of weeks ago. My nephew was teasing Emma and said, "are you retarded or something". For obvious reasons, we don't allow our children to use this terminology in a dirogitory sense. Way to go Justin ;).. Not to worry, Emma straightened him out by saying, "no and I said that to my mom once and it did not turn out well for me"

Emma and I finally finished up our chapter book that we read this summer "Pollyanna". It took us a while. She and her daddy finished up two of the Narnia stories but, in my own defense, Adam has an unfair advantage because he gets the bedtime reading time and I have to squeeze my reading time with her in with all the chores I have to do during Chloe's nap. Anyway, we were watching the movie last night to commemerate our success and Emma remarked, at Pollyanna's braid, "wow, they had ponytail holders even back then".

Chloe has mastered singing her ABC's all except the lmnop part in which she sings something like, "ah yo yo yo" and the end in which she replaces Y and Z with "Vitamin C"... I'm having a hard time singing the right version since hers is so much cuter! Video of this coming soon!