Friday, September 12, 2008

God'll Pack You Up

I do have pictures to post but my memory card reader is malfunctioning and so I'm going to have to dig my camera box out of the closet and find the cord to attach the camera to my computer and upload them that way and I don't seem to be able to muster up the energy Kindergarten has aged me 10 years. They have to be in there seats ready to go at 7:30 which means I have to get up by 5:30 to be able to get myself ready before Chloe wakes to eat and then Emma to get ready.. It is seriously kicking my tail.. But if you're just dying to see some pics, visit Sara-Beth's blog and you can see some that I've recently taken of Maggie. Those are better anyway since she's the one that will sit still for me. Sara-Beth just started a blog and she needs a nice warm welcome into blogger world anyway ;).

But I do have a funny story to tell... And I'm loving it because Emma has gotten to the age where she's not messing up a whole lot and Chloe isn't quite to the age to be breaking out the funnies quite yet.. But this one cracked me up...

Tonight, the four of us were sitting at the kitchen table having a tea and scones party (complete with British accents). By tea, I mean water and by scones I mean apple newtons but it was called a tea party by the hostess (Emma). So she was sitting there passing out the napkins and pretending to put "sweetener" in our "tea". As she did her hostess duties, she joyfully sang a Veggietales song. Some of you other moms might be familiar with it. It's the song from "Rack Shack and Benny". The words go like this..

Stand For What you Believe In
Believe In, Believe In
God, he's the one to back you up....

Except Emma was singing, "God, He's the one to pack you up"

I of course started laughing with no regards to her ego or self-esteem. But Adam, being the gentle daddy that he is decided to investigate the meaning of her lyrics..

Being the great theologian that she is she explained that when you die, God comes and packs up your soul and takes it to heaven... :).

So stand for what you believe in, you might die doing it but then, God will be there to pack you up!

How boring life would be if there were no children!