Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Giveaway! $75 Gift Certificate From NOVICA


Not too long ago, I received an e-mail offering me a $75 gift certificate to try out the new corporate section at Novica Gifts.  The e-mail stated that I could use the gift certificate for myself or divide it up as giveaways. $75?  Awesome!

 What's Novica gifts you say?  Well, what do you know?   Great minds do think alike!   So when I asked myself that question, I headed on over to their site to check them out.  Novica is a fair trade organization that has teamed up with National Geographic to connect buyers to artisans all over the world. Novica gives artisans in hard to reach countries a platform to sell their arts and thus, better their lives.

I read the following testimonials from Novica's artists:

Made Wirata
Made Wirata
wood sculptor, Bali
"It is like a dream come true to be part of Novica, a place where I am appreciated and positioned at the same level as other international artists. Previously, with my father, brother, wife, and a son, we were living very simply, sharing two rooms in such a small house. Financially we had nothing, but we never gave up hope. Now, I employ five artisans to help me carve for Novica. One of my helpers had been working at a gas station before. He is so happy to put his skills as a carver to use. Slowly but surely our economic situations are getting better. I am now building a larger house, more appropriate for my family. Novica is such a blessing from God, for me and my family."
Nengah Sudarsana
Nengah Sudarsana
wood sculptor, Bali
"Novica has created a much better life for me. Before, I could hardly afford to live in a single room home. Now I live in a house with three rooms, and have my own car. Most importantly, I now support many other artisans who work with me. My family and I live a much better life, and five other families now benefit directly from my Novica sales. I am also able to help my relatives, especially the younger children, who now have shoes, clothes, and an education that they couldn't have before. Since joining Novica, I have also grown in my realization of how we as Balinese fit into the whole world picture. Before, I was like a lot of fellow Balinese in that my thinking was centered on Bali only, as if Bali was the world! Now I realize more how we are just a piece of the puzzle. When I read customers' comments about my products, I'm filled with a great sense of well being and pride, to be able to create something that others value. After all, in Bali we are a mere spot in a vast ocean, and I realize this now when I see customer responses from all over the world! Often I look on a map or a globe to see where my customers live. It's amazing that my carvings are now in so many various places, and I am here. It is almost as if part of me has traveled to those other places and is now residing there."
Nyoman Naranata
Nyoman Naranata 
mask carver, Bali
"People may say money is not everything, but in reality, where eating three times a day is a privilege, it is necessary to earn a living. It was heartbreaking to see my family worried to welcome tomorrow. Relying on twice-yearly orders for my living was terrible. At my shop, I would often have no sales for a month at a time. Unexpectedly, Novica came into my life like a bright light, shining over my dark life. Now I earn a steady income, and I'm able to provide a better life for my family. Novica is such a perfect place for a small artist like myself to be appreciated by people around the world. Before, people bought my masks, paid for them, and that was it. It never came into my mind that customers would thank me, and write wonderful testimonials for me, but now they do that too."

And seeing that Novica has served as a way to pull families out of a life of poverty,  I fell in love with the company.  And since I wanted to do everything I could to spread the word about this company, I went over to the website and  purchased these earrings.  Which I, not being a jewerly person at all, completely love and wear all the time and get tons of compliments on.  Go me, looking snazzy and with a purpose!  

Click HERE to read about the artist that made them.  

And in hopes of drawing as much attention as possible to Novica, I am giving the $75 dollars a way in one lump gift certificate!  So first let me say, please spread the word about this company because it's a good thing to do.   And when you're doing your Christmas shopping this year and your torn with whether or not you should get Aunt Sally another sweater that she won't wear, consider purchasing gifts like this from companies like Novica.  You might not only buy Aunt Sally her favorite pair of earrings, you can feel good about bettering someone's life and make Aunt Sally feel good about it too!.  

But, just to spice it up a little and give some incentive to spreading the word, here's how you can enter.  

1.  Visit the Novica's Corporate Gift Section and leave me a comment telling me what your favorite item is.

2. For every avenue that you spread the word about this giveaway: IE: twitter, facebook, your own blog, leave me a comment and get an additional entry for every avenue you use to spread the word.  

We'll meet back here next Wed.  Sept. 15th and I'll announce the winner and if you're the lucky duck, I'll e-mail you a code that will give you a $75 credit with Novica gifts!

Thanks for participating and happy shopping!