Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Emma's Donation to Locks of Love

I was waiting to put these pictures up because I was going to do a post on the whole weekend including our little anniversary trip. But, my sister is BUGGING me to put pictures up of Emma's new hairdo. Can someone please tell me how even as a grown adult, my sister can still manipulate me into doing the stuff she wants me to do? I just can't seem to tell her no.

Here you go Denise.. Are you going to let me sleep with you tonight? (That's how she always bribed me when we were kids. There was a neighborhood rumor that the house across the street was haunted. So, I was always scared to sleep by myself. I really should see a therapist).

Taken the day before. I just put this one on here to show how long it had gotten

I think my heart was beating 100 miles a second. I was really scared that she was going to be disappointed.

Sigh of relief, she loves it!

Ten inches to put in the mail. We're so proud of her!

With Nonna and Aunt Nancy! Thank you both for keeping them so we could make our first ever (non work related) overnight trip since we've had children!