Friday, September 24, 2010

Emma Sheds the Training Wheels

Since Adam looks to be the hero in these pictures and I'm never in any pictures because he is scared of my camera, I have to tell the real story about Emma learning to ride a bike.  We were feeling the pangs of guilt as we finished up the summer knowing that we hadn't met the goal of Emma learning to ride a bike without training wheels.  It hadn't been for a lack of trying.  I had chuckled under my breath many times as I watched Adam run behind her in the hot South Carolina sun.  I lightly made suggestions.  But secretly, I was wanting to just once, be the cool fun parent.. So, on a Sept. afternoon when the weather broke a tad, I took a break from spelling word and math fact drilling and force feeding vitamins and took it upon myself to settle this matter once and for all.  And, drum roll please:  The kid was riding on her own in thirty minutes.. In case you're curious about the secret of my success, I'll post my recipe for successful bike riding teaching below the picture documentation of Emma's big achievement!
Recipe for teaching a kid to ride a bike without having a heat stroke:

1.  Find a grassy hill with a slight slope.
2.  Lower the bike seat so that the child's feet touch the ground.
3.  Have the child simply coast down the hill while holding their feet up.  This will teach them to balance and give them the security of knowing they can catch themselves if they lose balance.
4.  Once they get a good grasp on balancing while coasting, move them to a flat grassy area.
5.  Hold the bike steady as they get set and then give them a push.  Do not chase behind the bike, the crazy daddy way..