Thursday, April 09, 2009

Sleeping Harder, Walking Lighter....

We took Chloe to the pediatric cardiologist yesterday. This is what I gathered from everything he said... She had two different things going on. The irregular heart rate he said was actually a sign that she had a very healthy heart. He said that the fact that it was slowing down and speeding up with her breathing meant that it was doing a better job regulating itself than our hearts are doing. Then he said that it did have a slightly lighter beat on the second beat. He said that he thought it was in the normal realm but they did an EKG and a sonogram to make sure. He came back in after the sonogram and said, "there's nothing wrong with her heart. she's very healthy, ya'll are good to go". I told him that it was very nice to meet him but I hoped that if I ever saw him again, that it was in Walmart. I fought hard to fight the tears as we were leaving the hospital. The hospital parking lot didn't seem like a great place to hit my knees. But, I gave God all the thanks in my heart for protecting the things that are so precious to me and for giving me this situation that put everything thing in the right perspective.. I have become so aware of the friends and family that cared so much about this with us. We thank ya'll for your prayers, love and concern. And we pray that God blesses you all with health and love.