Sunday, March 19, 2006

Baby Saturn

TWO COMMENTS? TWO COMMENTS? All you people give me is two comments? Well, Emma said something really funny tonight so I'm going to share it with you even though you only left TWO COMMENTS. Ok, a couple of girls from the youth group were here and I was trying to get Emma to show off the recent things she had learned. I asked her what planet we lived on and Emma said "The Earth". I asked her what planet had a ring around it and she said, "Saturn" Then, Sam asked her what planet was the smallest and she said, "I don't know, Baby Saturn?". Also, she has started using the word "properly" all the time. I had put a movie in for her to watch during small groups and she came in the living room telling me, "it isn't working properly". Also, after she went to the bathroom, I asked her if she wiped and she said, "not properly". I don't know where she got that from. Well, it's short but sweet. Got to get some homework done.

Love from Above,


PS: Need more COMMENTS