Sunday, June 06, 2010

Did I Forget Easter?

Summer days are here and I couldn't be more excited.  Having children didn't change my world nearly as much as having a child start "big kid school".  Oh how unappreciated were those days when I hoped my kids slept past eight a.m!   Eight a.m. is like dusk once you start "big kid school", where they must be in their desks and ready for the day by seven thirty a.m!  Seven thirty a.m you say?  Yes, you heard that right!  SEVEN THIRTY A.M. Which, is six thirty a.m. in my heart since I grew up on central time..  Oh the torture!  And I won't even start on my rant about how a child in kindergarten still needs 12 hours of sleep and how that's impossible when school starts that early! 

Anyway, we have great plans for the summer.. We have a luxurious Caribbean vacation planned where I'm going to lounge around all day and sip on tropical drinks and be waited on hand and foot..

And by luxurious Caribbean vacation I mean:
I'm going to close my eyes really tight and imagine that I'm on a luxurious Caribbean island while I'm lounging on my K-mart float  in my redneck K-mart pool, sipping Kool-Aid.- generic brand at that.  While, I beg my kids not to splash me until I get accustomed to the water temperature..

No seriously, I am excited about having a summer with no big things on the schedule.  There is nowhere that I'd rather be than in our home sanctuary with my family, with the front blinds closed to the worries of the world and the back door open to a back yard full of adventure.  Besides, I haven't yet posted all of our pictures from our Disney trip in January!


I came here today to post pictures of all the end of the school year celebrations when I realized that I never did an Easter post.  I must have gotten so busy with the new blog I'm a member of (shameless plug),
THE MOM-TAGE that I forgot to post..

So, here is our Easter summary.. My mom and dad and our friend Matt were here for Easter.  The Easter bunny stocked our sandbox full of sand toys and pool toys for our K-mart style, redneck pool.   We had the usual church Easter egg hunt. From which, my feet came out of in a bright shade of yellow from the pollen monsoon we were having at the time.  We came home for a turkey lunch and my parents played on the play set in the backyard with the kids like a couple of great big kids themselves. 

If you notice, the Easter bunny left a sign saying he couldn't get into the house because the alarm was on.  I was very thankful that he didn't leave those paw prints in my house.  You might also notice that in some of the pictures, it is dark outside.  I would like to tell you that my children pulled me out of bed, kicking and screaming, to see what the Easter bunny brought at 5:30 a.m.  However, the truth is that I get so excited on holidays that I was up waiting on them.  I decided not too long ago that it wasn't too bad to live vicariously through my children just a tad bit. 

It's lunch time now. So, those end of the school year pictures will have to wait.. Probably until Christmas if I was guessing..

Hope you have the most wonderful summer ever!