Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Picture At last

I broke down and took them to Sears. I was pretty pleased. I'll put the other ones up when I get a chance. About the outfits. It looks familiar? Yes, Emma is wearing the one she wore last year. Yes, I am cheap. Last year I ordered it big so she could wear it two years in a roll. When I found out I was pregnant with a girl, I e-mailed the lady that made it and asked her if she could make me one in 3-6 months with a "C" on it. She had record of exactly what she made me and matched them up perfectly. If you are looking for a special outfit, I highly recommend her. She does little jon jons for boys too. There is a link to her site at the bottom of my page (Lillifee Boutique). She does an awesome job!

Be back soon with more pictures.

Love from above,

Thursday, December 06, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas

This is the view out my back door this morning. The big fir tree is in our next door neighbors yard. I thought it looked like Christmas. School is closed today and that is fine with me seeing as it's 9 degrees outside.

I will get a Christmas picture of the girls if I'm ever able to get them both well at the same time. We've been fighting what is most popularly known as "the crud" for about a month now. Both of my girls have had this yucky stuff coming out of their eyes, it would go away for a while and then they'd seem to have a relapse. Well, Emma was put on antibiotics a couple of weeks ago. I thought Chloe was going to kick it but we woke up yesterday morning with her eyes matted together. So, now Chloe gets here turn... I was trying to avoid putting her on antibiotics but, here we go.. My mom and dad are flying in this weekend so I'm hoping she gets to feeling better soon. Btw, prayers for things to warm up and the snow to melt off would be great since we will be making a trip to Columbus to get them and that's a good two and a half hours away.

I already knew it but it is definitely official that Emma is the best big sister ever. Chloe spits up quite a bit anyway but since she's got all of this mucus stuff, it's been particularly bad lately. Well, this morning, she spit up on Emma. Emma's face to be exact. Emma said, "yuck" and froze until I could wipe her up then she looked at Chloe and said, "poor baby". Now, here's where my sickness comes in... What was I doing? Well, I did clean them up but the whole time, I was laughing my head off. I guess that since I get spit up on so regularly, I think it's hilarious when it happens to someone else. I remember laughing at the one particular time when Emma was a baby when Adam had the bright idea to lift her right over his face right after she had eaten. But it doesn't stop at that.. I laugh when he hurts himself too. I know.. it's horrible but I can't help it. I'm also remembering the time that Adam ran full speed into our sliding glass door. I'm laughing now just thinking about it. But that day, I was rolling on the floor. Adam's mom was here and she at least checked to make sure he was ok before she started laughing. I know, I'm cruel and heartless. But seriously, I didn't have to check to know he's hard headed. Anyway, sorry about the randomness. No sleep, sick baby.

Love from Above,

PS: Note to Adam... I will continue to post embarrassing stories about you until you decide to comment :). I love you

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Going Green!

I have some news I just had to share! Ok, we've gradually switched our whole house over to the economy friendly lightbulbs. You know the little slinky looking ones. Well, I just got an electric bill. Drum roll please..... $42.51. That is the first time I've ever had one under $80. I compared it to this time last year. Last year in October, we used 1126 KWH, this year--551 KWH. The average daily cost last year was $2.54. This year, $1.29. As far as I can tell, that is the only thing we've changed. Our heat is gas so it isn't that. In fact, with having an additional person in the house, I think I'm running more. Two night lights, two noise makers running at night, a video monitor and, for the last month, we've been running humidifiers in all of our rooms. Plus, my dryer is running constantly because of all the clothes I'm washing. Walmart now has Great Value brand of these lightbulbs. I think they probably pay for themselves in a month! Do something for the environment and your wallet!

Love from above,

Friday, November 30, 2007

Three Months Today

Wow, Chloe is three months old today. In a way, it seems like she's been here forever and in another way it seems like it's flown.

She is doing great! She smiles all the time. Especially when she sees Emma. And as far as sleep goes... We've got a pretty good routine going where she sleeps from 10 til 5 Hip, Hip Hooray!! Then I feed her and she sleeps until 8!! Woo Hoo! She's been doing it for several weeks. I just keep forgetting to give you all and update on all of that. We all have had this yucky sinus stuff. I was the last to get it and I seem to be on the tail end of it so hopefully we can get rested back up and back to normal life... whatever that is.

Love from above :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Chloe's First Tea Party

Emma is trying her best to play with Chloe. It's pretty funny actually. Today was Chloe's first tea party. I think Chloe is going to enjoy the girlie things her big sister is going to teach her.

Boycotting Thanksgiving

We decided that we were going to skip Thanksgiving this year since we weren't going to have any family to share it with. So, this was the plan... We were going to go out to eat for Thanksgiving lunch. Great plan if you ask me. I hate cooking and hate cleaning up the mess even more! I didn't think this would be a problem since there were restaurants open on even Christmas last year but apparently, people think Thanksgiving is a family day or something... Weird... So, we stopped by Walmart and picked up some hamburgers and Adam grilled us hamburgers. Then, on Thanksgiving evening, Ruby Tuesdays was open so we went to eat there. The most important thing... I got out of cooking.

I was all prepared to wallow in self-pity because we were having to spend Thanksgiving without our family. However, my parents have plane tickets to come visit Dec. 7th. So with knowing that they would be visiting soon, we actually had a very nice Thanksgiving, just our family. I think it's the first time that we've ever had three days in a roll at home. Adam watched a movie with the teenagers on Friday evening but other than that, we had him all to ourselves. I must say, it was very nice. We watched a few movies, played a few games, and got some much needed housework done. It would be ok with me if we made breaking Thanksgiving traditions a Thanksgiving tradition.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Who Needs Sleep?

ME!!! I could use my momma too!

I don't understand what's happened. Chloe had been doing pretty well. One night, she even slept from 10:30 until 6:15. Now, she's waking up every two and a half to three hours. I think she's just got her clock stuck because she's waking up around the same times every night. When I nurse her, she only nurses for a few minutes. I don't think she's actually hungry. We have a retreat with the teens this weekend. After we get back from that, I think I'm going to have to let her cry it out. Those of you who have been there before, suggestions would be great! Emma slept through the night by six weeks. But, I was tougher then. I can't stand to let her cry. Why have I become such a softy?

Other than that.... which is a big THAT at this point, we're doing great. Chloe is very pleasant. When I put her down to sleep, I put her down awake and she just lays there until she drifts off. IF I COULD JUST KEEP HER THERE. Last night, Adam set her highchair up so she could be with us while we ate dinner. Even though she doesn't eat yet, leaving her out just didn't seem right. She just grinned the whole way through dinner.

Mrs. Maidens had offered to keep Emma during the retreat. Emma was very excited about that idea until she realized that that meant she would be away from Chloe. This is how that conversation went:

Me: Are you excited about staying with Mrs. Maidens?
Emma: Yes, that will be so much fun!!
(lightbulb comes on) (Big crocodile tears) But that means I won't be able to see Chloe in
the morning.

So, after much deliberation, we have decided that Emma will go with us. So yeah, even less sleep. I figure that at some point, I'm going to have to become a coffee drinker.

A couple of funny things Emma has said lately:

The other day, Emma was watching me while I changed Chloe's diaper. Somehow, she decided that she was an expert on these things and decided to tell me how to do it. So, I turned around and said, "Thank you little miss bossy britches, I don't know how I ever got your diaper changed without you telling me how to do it". To which Emma said, "I AM NOT LITTLE".

And, relayed from Mrs. Maidens: There are a list of developmental milestones that they are supposed to be able to do by the time they go to kindergarten like tie there shoes, zip their coat, skip and things like that. They have a little chart and when the achieve one of those things, they get a sticker and at the end of the year, if they have all of their stickers, they get a trophy. So the other day, they were learning about zipping their coats and Emma raises her hand and says, "Um Mrs. Maidens, I'm not sure this is fair because my coat buttons".

Oh, fun days in the Ellis family.

Love from above

Thursday, November 01, 2007

My Wish List for Santa

I have gotten the privilege to write for a local parenting magazine in town on behalf of my mom's club. The articles for the December issue were due today. The theme is holiday. I can't believe it's that close!! Anyway, I was hoping that I could write something that would be insightful and would enrich everyone's life that read it. Well, I guess I just didn't have it in me right now to come up with something serious so this is what they got.

Dear Santa,

I’m writing to let you know that I have been a very good mom this year. I have survived a pregnancy with no morning sickness (it was all day long sickness). I navigated two stomach viruses, many colds, and some kind of rash. I have become very skillful at detecting cups of milk left under my daughter’s bed, fishing keys out of the toilet, getting bubble gum out of hair, and hiding happy meal toys under the trash in the garbage can. I have learned how to put a band-aid on the boo-boo of my preschooler while I change my newborn’s diaper and how to make boats out of apples so that I can get my child to eat a nutritious snack. All of that...and today, I’ve even showered.

In return for my good mom behavior, I would like to order a self-cleaning bathroom. I could send you the design if it would help the elves. This bathroom would be completely covered in tile and would have a drain right in the middle. Instead of only the toilet flushing (which never happens at my house) the whole room would flush. It is imperative that the drain be made at very specific measurements of 4x6 inches. This would ensure easy disposal of the hundreds of tiny toys that have invaded my bathroom and the globs of toilet paper that has resulted from the developmental milestone I celebrated when my toddler learned how to unroll a brand new roll in one fluid motion. Also, these dimensions would guarantee that I won’t accidentally “throw the baby out with the bath water.”

I realize that even Santa has a budget and will have an even tighter one once you receive my kids’ Christmas wish list but...hey, a mom can dream right? If this is too large of an order, I would settle for good health and blessings for me and my fellow hardworking moms who have also merited a self-cleaning bathroom.

Dana Ellis
Parkersburg Mom’s Club

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chloe's Debut Tour

We toured the country in a week and a half. Chloe met Nana and Papa and all of her great grandparents. We went to the zoo, visited lots of people, had lots of visitors, and much much more. Make sure you scroll down to the previous post to see the picture of Chloe smiling.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I still have tons of pictures of our trip but a caught Chloe smiling today and I just couldn't wait to post it. She will be seven weeks tomorrow. She's been smiling for a few weeks but she seems to get more and more expressive every day. She fits just perfectly in the corner of our sectional. When I sit her up there she grins as if to say, "look at me".

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ok, so here is the deal. My computer took it's last breath... for real this time. So I was going to break down and buy one even though I so don't have the money right now. But, Adam's dad came to the rescue and gave me his old one. It had been dropped and one of the hinges that holds the screen to the computer is broken but other than that, it's in great shape. So, I have to be careful when opening and closing it but other than that, we're in good. And, several hundred bucks is saved!! woo hoo! I don't know if it's because he loves me or because he wants to see pictures of his grandkids.. hopefully both but anyway, many thanks to Papa.

So right now, we are in the middle of our trip across the nation. Much of our family hadn't seen Chloe yet and since Adam was going to a conference in Nashville anyway, we loaded up and headed to the south. This afternoon, we will visit the last of the great-grandparents (granny) and then head back to Birmingham to spend a few days with my family and then some friends and then we will begin the LONG journey back to WV. on Monday. The trip down went well. It was slow moving but pretty smooth. I will post pictures from this trip when I get back to WV. But for now, I've created another slideshow to kind of get us up to the beginning of the trip. Hopefully now, that I have a computer, I can get back to more regular updates. So for now, enjoy the slideshow.

Love from Above,

Friday, September 14, 2007

Completing Our Little Family

Ok, so many of you have been asking for the birth story... If you're prone to getting queasy at such things, simply scroll down to my next post and read about Emma's first day of preschool. It's guaranteed to be G rated. For those of you that are wanting the details, this is the only way I know how to put it..

I had a doctors appointment on Monday the 27th. When I went in, my blood pressure was pretty high. According to my doctors calculations, I was at 40 weeks so with taking those two facts into consideration, we decided to schedule an induction for Thursday. My mom flew in on Wed. the 29th. Adam went to Columbus (2 and a half hours away) to pick her up. My big fear was that I would go into labor while they were gone but, my mother kept telling me that she was going to get here, we were going to get my hair highlighted (she's a beautician) and then I was going to go into labor Wed. night so they didn't have to induce me. Well, mom got here, we got Emma into bed, did my hair and before my hair was even dry, I realized that I had started bleeding (sorry about the gory details). So, I called the labor and delivery at the hospital and they told me to come on in. We got Emma out of bed and we all headed to the hospital. Once we got there, we realized that not much was probably going to happen that night. They just wanted to monitor me to make sure everything was ok. So, Adam took Emma back home and my mom stayed with me. They hooked me up to the monitors and I was in fact having contractions. Obviously since I didn't know, they weren't really strong ones. They went ahead and started the potosin at 6 a.m. I had about two hours of some pretty intense pain and then at 8:30 a.m. I got the epidural and everything was swell. I had told Adam to let Emma sleep as late as he could because I knew she would be exhausted. At 9:30 they came in to check me and I was 3 1/2 cm. She told me she'd be back to check me at 11:30. I called Adam and told him that he could take his time because it was probably going to take a while. Well, in his infinite wisdom, he told me that he was coming on anyway. At about 11:15 a.m. I started feeling some pretty intense contractions (only on one side) and I looked up to see that the bag for the epidural medicine was empty. I knew that the nurse was coming back at 11:30 so I decided to wait. When she hadn't come by 11:35 a.m. I paged her. Mom took Emma for a walk because she was getting restless and I didn't want her in there for that part. My friend Sandi was scheduled to come get Emma at 12:30p.m. and then bring her back after the baby was born. So anyway, I told the nurse that I thought I was feeling stuff that I wasn't supposed to be feeling. She told me that she was going to check me and then get another bag of medicine. So she checks me and says, "Um, your cervix is gone". At this point I'm thinking, "um, is that supposed to happen". So I say, "uh, what does that mean". She says, "At this next contraction, I'm going to get you to push and see what happens". And I said, "no, I can't, my mom just left and I don't have anyone here to watch my daughter" to which she said, "you better get your mom back up here and we'll get someone to watch your daughter". So, somehow in that short period of time, Adam got my mom on her cell phone, she got back up there, and they got the doctor there and at 11:56 a.m. Chloe was born. A nice nurse named Rachel took Emma to tour the nursery and Emma got to meet her baby sister even before she got bathed.

It all worked out just great. Chloe was a little bruised from coming down so fast but her apgar score was a 9.9. And I was thrilled to have such a quick labor. So that's pretty much it. I know it's not my best piece of literature but there you have all the details. Now our family is complete. Sorry Keith, maybe one of those cousins will carry on the family name.

Now back to my little family...

Love from above,

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Emma's First Day of Preschool

Well, in the middle of everything else that was going on, Emma had her first day of preschool. We attended her class picnic the day before Chloe was born and then Adam broke away Thursday night (the night she was born) to go to her class meeting. Chloe was born on Thursday, Emma started school on Tuesday. This year wasn't quite the adjustment for me that last year was. She will be going every day but from only 9 until 11:30 and she just loves it. So far it's worked out really well. It's just enough time for her to be out of the house so that she doesn't get bored but, not so long that she feels like she's missing out on anything. I'm thinking that that will end up being Chloe's nap time so it should give me some time to get some things done around the house.

Back to the first day of preschool... At the parent meeting, they were given a kit to make a rocket. On the first day of school, they launched their rockets (I don't know how, something to do with alkaseltzer). You can see Emma's rocket in the picture. Adam helped her make it. Her teacher said that hers was definitely the best one and that she was so proud of it.

I was talking to her teacher yesterday and she told me of a little interaction that happened at preschool that I thought I would share with you. There is a little girl that is in Emma's class that has never been away from her mother so she's been having a hard time with it and crying everyday. Well, Mrs. Maidens was talking to the little girl and trying to comfort her (she's such a good teacher). And the little girl said, "I just want my mommy". So, Mrs. Maidens said to her, "Your mommy is coming back to get you. Sometimes we just have to be patient when we don't get things right when we want them" Emma comes up and says, "Yeah, like I want it to be Christmas tomorrow but it's not". LOL.

Then today, we were going to Toys R' Us so I could get this little swaddler thing. Chloe sleeps much better when she's swaddled but I'm paranoid that it will get up around her face. Well, this thing is supposed to prevent that. I'll let you know if it works. Anyway, I told Emma we were going to Toys R' Us and she says, "Can we go to Borders". Yep, she's a nerd, just like her daddy.

And a very sweet moment... We were riding in the car and she said, "Do you remember when daddy got the flavoring to put in my medicine because I didn't like the taste of it?" I said, "Yes I do". She said, "That daddy is always doing sweet things like that for me". :).

Anyway, Emma seems to be doing good. There have been a couple of signs of adjustment. She's been very emotional. I think that probably has more to do with my parents leaving than Chloe coming. But, all and all, we're working out the kinks and trying to develop a routine. The church brought us two meals and my mom's club has brought us several meals. I'm getting spoiled. It has been so nice. I love those girls.

Emma and daddy play their guitars

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Haven't I done this before?

Emma Newborn

Chloe Newborn

Sometimes I think I'm four years back in time.

Scroll down to the next post to see a slideshow of the first week of pictures.

Love from Above

Chloe's First Week

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Technical Difficulties

Just to let you all know, my computer is broken along with everything else in my house (oh yes, there is more). I know some of you are waiting on more pictures and I've been taking them but Adam has been working on stuff when he's had his computer at home and I've been just a little busy. But, just as soon as possible, I'll update you on our first week as parents of two and get you some more pictures. For now, lets just say that we're all totally in love with our Chloe especially big sister Emma.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Her First Breath Took Ours Away

Born August 30th 2007 11:56 a.m.
7 lbs 4 oz. 20 and 1/4 inches long.
We all are doing well. I will post the official birth story soon but for now, I wanted to get some pictures up for everyone to see.
Love from Above,

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dr. Update

Ok, I went to the doctor this morning. Everything was pretty much the same since last week. Except my blood pressure was up a little. I should have known because I haven't been feeling real great and have been having headaches. Not real bad though, It was 140/80. So... I will go to the hospital at 6:00 a.m. on Thursday morning to start things moving. If things go as planned (which I'm hoping for but not counting on), I will take Emma to her class picnic on Wed. while Adam goes to the airport to get my mom and then by Thursday evening we should have a new addition to the family. So stay tuned! Chloe is coming soon!

Monday, August 20, 2007

...And Yet Another Week Has Gone By

Yes it has been another week and still no Chloe. At least not on the outside though she makes me very aware of her presence on the inside. I went to the doctor this morning. She said that I'm almost 3 cm. dilated and her words were "and your cervix is ready". She gave me the option of going ahead and inducing this week but I told her I'd like to hold off another week and let her try to come on her own. This is going to sound a little silly but I kind of want the experience of the anticipation of going on my own. So, any day now or... next week.

Time to record a few things that Emma has said lately....

I was trying to get a picture to go on here and well.. I looked at the picture and of course looked bigger in it than I wanted to so I told Adam, "I think I'm going to change shirts". And here is mine and Emma's interaction:
Emma: Oh, you're fine the way you are
Me: Oh ok, I guess I'll just leave this shirt on then.
Emma: Well, I didn't mean you look fine. I meant um (stammers a little)
Me: laughs, well what exactly did you mean Emma
Emma: (stammers some more) Um, You're a great momma!
Now how is that for a politician in the making.

And then yesterday, she was talking to her preschool teacher at church (whom she adores). Adam walked up and said, "What are you doing talking to Mrs. Maidens? You don't love her". Emma touches Mrs. Maidens on the arm and says, "He's just being silly".

And last but definitely not least.... The other day she says to me, "Mom, you know what my favorite thing about you is"? I say, "What's that" She says, "You loving me".
I think that's my favorite thing about me too :)

Love from Above

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Still Cooking

Went to the dr. yesterday. I'm 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced. I'm still not really feeling anything so it doesn't seem like anything is happening to me but, supposedly, that is the best way for it to happen. Then I'll just ease into labor and not have much pain at all. That will quite a switch from last time. My guess is that she'll come next week. Why? Well, this week, our friend Matt is here and could be with Emma if it happened in the middle of the night and then my mom is coming on the 29th. So, I think it just stands to reason that it would happen when we would have to scramble in the middle of the night to get someone to our house. Either way, I'm sure it'll be ok. I'm feeling really well actually so I'm not that anxious. It would be nice if she hung in there until my mom gets here. When I was at the doctor yesterday, the receptionist said, "well you're all belly aren't you". That was nice. I told her, "yeah it's been nice, I carried my first pregnancy in my ankles". I can tell a little in my face but I can still see my ankle bones so this is a good thing.

I have our bags packed and though the nursery isn't totally complete, it is close enough. I have some paintings and stuff to go on the wall that are coming so once I get it all together, I'll post pictures. We have the camera packed and Adam will take his laptop when the time comes so we should be able to get some pictures up pretty quickly after Miss Chloe makes her debut.

Love from Above,

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

It's the Final Count Down

Just wanted to make a short post saying that I went to the dr. yesterday and I'm 1 almost 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I don't guess that really means anything as I've known people who have stayed dilated for weeks but it does mean that something is happening. I'll try to make a post with some pictures and stuff soon but I just wanted to get that out there in case I disappear for a while.
Love from Above,

Saturday, July 21, 2007

We've officially crossed the bridge to being old and dorky

I'm sure that you're already thought that we were old and dorky but I have to tell you, we've hit another plateau. I told you last week that Adam's Jeep bit the dust. Well, after swearing for many years that he'd never drive a minivan, we decided that buying a minivan was the most practical decision for us at this point. I will clarify that the minivan will be my vehicle and Adam will now be driving the Accord. But I will also include that Adam did in fact test drive the minivan. So, we bought a Honda Odyssey. It's very nice and we got a good deal on it and I'm sure it's going to be a great fit for our growing family.

But here's the best part.... We were getting ready this morning to go shop for a minivan. Adam had gotten ready before me so I got out of the shower, and got dressed in a pair of denim shorts and a brown shirt. I walk into the spare bedroom only to find Adam also in a brown shirt. I also need to tell you that we've given people permission to shoot us if we ever dress to match. So I look at Adam and say, "I'm not changing, my wardrobe is limited". Before Adam has a chance to change, in walks Emma who says, "Oh, I want to wear a brown shirt too". Now, I think that I can be clever so I say, "I don't think you have a brown shirt". Emma says, "I have a brown tank top". She hasn't worn it since last summer but it was still in there. So, yes, we went shopping for a minivan in matching clothes. I want this down on record because when Emma is a teenager and is embarrassed by her dorky parents, you guys are my witnesses, she started it.

Love from Above,

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pics I took of Emma

I'm trying to get Emma's four year pictures. This still isn't what I had in mind. It was way to hot. All of them are starting to look the same to me. I have to figure out something new. We'll try again another day! Hopefully a cooler one.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What happens to a pregnant stomach

I hope you guys can handle a medical pencil drawing of a naked girl. I just had to show you what's happening to my stomach. No wonder I have heartburn. I knew that my stomach was squeezed but I didn't know it actually changed positions. I found this picture in this little anatomy book of Emma's. That's right, we went to a book store and I told her she could pick one book out the children's section and she picked an anatomy book. She's either going to be a doctor or an anatomy teacher. We're hoping for doctor. Anyway, just wanted to share this new found information.

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Little Pity Party

Ok, I'm going to whine. And I mean whine like a baby. I know that people don't want to hear people whine and that's why I'm writing it on my blog instead of telling you about it therefore, if you sit here and read it, it's your responsibility not mine. For now, this is my mode of therapy. Read at your own risk.

It's been one of those years.... I've heard my parents talk about them, I remember them happening for them when I was a child. We were definitely due one and blessed that we haven't really had one until now but still, no one ever wants to see them come. Anyway, one of those years of tons and tons of extra expenses. In Dec. 2006, we paid off Adam's Jeep achieving our long held goal of being debt free except for our house. We achieved it.... And one day, we'll achieve it again.

So weve been swimming in hospital bills because Emma was sick and in the hospital in March and I'm pregnant. Which, when we had Emma we didn't have maternity insurance so that wasn't fun either. We made it through that. I know we'll make it this time. This could possibly make for a good mastercard commercial but I will go ahead and tell you that credit cards are EVIL. But regardless this is how 2007 has gone so far.

Cost of pregnancy--- $1000 deductible plus 20%
Cost of child being in hospital--- $1000 deductible plus 20%
Removal of rotten tree in yard--- $200 (and that was a pretty good deal)
Car Repairs---- $1000
Broken computer--- a lap top attached to a monitor that overheats every few days.
Cost of Gas--- Who knows but it's broken all of us
--- and then there are a few other little mishaps that I'm either too embarrassed to write about or won't write about to protect some other sad soul that total I'm guessing around $2000

Ok, all of this was until last week.... Then, Adam's Jeep started making a funny noise and we took it to the shop. Verdict... It needs a new motor. Yep, that's right a new motor. Well, since it has 175,000 miles on it. You know what that means? New car payment. We found this all out on Wed. and then guess what happened last night? My washing machine broke. Calgon, take me away!! I'm thinking about going ahead and taking a sledge hammer to anything that is still working and getting it over with.

Oh, btw, it's 4:30 a.m.

Cost of good nights sleep--- Priceless

I know God has something really really good coming for us. Satan is trying hard to stop something!

Love from Above,

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Connections Mission Trip

If you're curious about where we've been this week. Check out the youth blog at

Love from Above

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Emma's Birthday Party

My mom and my sister came to visit this past weekend. We had a nice time but as always, the time went too quickly and we tried to pack way too much in that small amount of time. We had Emma's birthday party while they were here. We had it at the park. The weather was beautiful and it came off well, thanks to my mom and sister's help. I was so glad to have them here. It's so difficult for me to try to pull something like that off by myself.

On Sunday evening, after we got done with Revolution with the teenagers, we went down to city park. There was a carnival there. For those of you that are from here, thanks for the warning.... Apparently, this is where the prime of Parkersburg congregate. For those of you that teased us about moving to WV. This is what you were teasing about. But, despite the intresting company that we had, we still let Emma ride the kiddie rides. Only those low to the ground because I was pretty sure that they could fall apart at any minute... And of course, she had a wonderful time.

I had a dr. appointment on July 5th. Chloe had hiccups when she was trying to listen to the heartbeat. That was pretty fun. I had gained two pounds which is the recommended lb. per week. I think that is bringing me to about 15lbs. all together so far. My blood pressure was good and no protein in my urine (I'm sure you wanted to know that) so, so far, not pre eclampsia like last time. Thank God for that. I'm not sleeping real good which I don't really understand because I'm not feeling very uncomfortable. But, I'm not that good of a sleeper anyway so maybe I'm just getting ready for those long nights when she gets here. The dr. said that starting at 39 weeks, if my cervix is favorable, she will give me the option of inducing. That will be August 22nd. Mom is planning on flying in on August the 28th. So, if it looks like I'm ready and I mean really ready, we might induce after that. If, she doesn't come on her own before then. It's getting close!!

We are doing a local mission trip with the teenagers this coming week. We are putting a VBS type day camp thing on for housing development that the church continuously works with. After we get done with that, I have to get busy on getting Chloe's room finished and quick! Well, I guess that's it for now.

Love from Above!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Emma's Birthday

Emma turned four on June 19th. I'm going to hold my emotions about how bittersweet it is that she's growing so quickly. If you feel the need to hear that, scroll down and read my thoughts from her third birthday and know that it's only intensified by another year. My mom and sister are coming up this weekend so we're waiting on them for a birthday party. So on her birthday, we made a trip to Columbus. We scheduled a 3D ultrasound that evening and made plans to go to the zoo. Well, it turned out to be very fortunate that it rained because instead of going to the zoo, we went to Libby Lu's and at this point, she will take a princess makeover over the zoo any day. So, as you can see from the pictures, she was a princess for the day and we had a very fun time. We had intended on getting the restaurant to bring her a cake out but being a princess is very hard work and she slept through dinner so... We stopped at about 10 o'clock and bought a cake on our way back into town and had cake at about 11 pm. Because of course, you can't have a birthday without a cake. I'm about to go and let the pictures do the talking but before I do, I want to tell one little story about our nice little day.

As I said before, she got a little nap so she was awake pretty late that night. After we got home, we ate the cake and then sat down to watch the dvd of Chloe's ultrasound before we went to bed. So we were watching it and I noticed that Emma was cuddling up to me and looking kind of sad. So, fully anticipating the jealousy that's coming, I cuddled her up to me and started rubbing her back. And when the dvd went off, this is what she said, "but Chloe is all alone in there by herself". Now I'm sure that the jealousy is still coming. Don't think that I think I've gotten off that easy, but wasn't that sweet. So I reassured her that Chloe was perfectly cozy and that she felt like I was holding her all the time and I'm still bracing myself for when the jealousy actually does hit. These are wonderful moments.

The ultrasound was quite amazing. Modern technology is something. We think that Chloe looks like Emma. I was glad to see that she had chubby little cheeks. I was afraid that she was going to look frail because of me being so sick in the beginning but as everyone told me she would, she took what she needed. I think seeing her that way made me long to hold her more. It made her seem so much more real as if my protruding belly isn't real evidence enough.... I'm trying not to want to rush things and savor the moment but I have to say, I'm much more comfortable in mommy mode that big pregnant girl mode.

When I went to the doctor on the 21st, I had gained 3 more pounds. I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable. My back is beginning to hurt a little. But, I can still wear my rings so no swelling. And if you saw me when I was pregnant with Emma, no Nutty Professor feet so, so far so good. And still, it still beats the first trimester, hand over fist. Don't think I've forgotten.

This week was workcamp. Over 500 teenagers painted 40 houses in the Mid Ohio Valley. Adam spent the night at OVU every night and every morning some strange man came in and took a shower at our house. We're glad to have him back home. We kind of missed him. Just a little ;). Well, I'll go for now. Pictures from our fun weekend with Nonna and Aunt Denise coming soon!!

Love from Above,