Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love My Little Ta Ta's!

Well hello there. I thought that title might catch your eye ;). Glad that I've got your attention. I need your help.. Just like a woman to use her ta ta's to lure you into helping huh?

Do you remember our awesome church secretary that I told you about here?

Well, if you don't, she's one of those rare people that actually look like Jesus. You can talk to her and she can somehow inspire you to change things about yourself that needs to change all the while she is building you up and never saying a critical word. She is such a blessing to us all and I know she has absolutely no idea. Which is probably why she is able to be such a blessing.

Anyway, back to the ta tas. Pam is a breast cancer survivor and I have gotten the opportunity to walk in the Miracle Walk our city hosts with her to raise money for the cause for women in our community. And, I have also already been challenged by a few of my friends to wear one of the Ta Ta t-shirts while I walk.. So here is the deal... I think it's worth rocking the boat for this cause. You know, I'm a preacher's wife and referring to personal body parts as ta ta's can be quite scandalous. So I'm setting the goal high at 500 dollars.. If I raise 500 dollars then I will let you choose which shirt that I wear from the choices below:

Really, five hundred isn't THAT much. If everyone that visits my blog will just donate a dollar or two, or if just fifty of you donate ten dollars.. You get it.. No diffusion of responsibility here.. I'm sure that they will except it if I go over my goal.

You can donate a few ways:
1. make a donation through paypal to
2. Send a check to my house if you have that address or if you don't, e-mail me for it.
3. Hand it to me or someone that you know will be seeing me.

And, I guarantee you a full report with pictures and the whispers I hear behind my back :).

And, if you're like me and don't think it should be a big deal if a preacher's wife wears a ta tas t-shirt, then donate because you too love the ta tas. Because little as they might be, I love my little ta ta's and I'm kind of fond of the idea of keeping them! And another little secret, my husband would like me to keep them too!

And if you feel so inclined as to throw support my way by tweeting, blogging, or posting on facebook about it. Well, then that would just make my day!