Friday, June 29, 2007

Emma's Birthday

Emma turned four on June 19th. I'm going to hold my emotions about how bittersweet it is that she's growing so quickly. If you feel the need to hear that, scroll down and read my thoughts from her third birthday and know that it's only intensified by another year. My mom and sister are coming up this weekend so we're waiting on them for a birthday party. So on her birthday, we made a trip to Columbus. We scheduled a 3D ultrasound that evening and made plans to go to the zoo. Well, it turned out to be very fortunate that it rained because instead of going to the zoo, we went to Libby Lu's and at this point, she will take a princess makeover over the zoo any day. So, as you can see from the pictures, she was a princess for the day and we had a very fun time. We had intended on getting the restaurant to bring her a cake out but being a princess is very hard work and she slept through dinner so... We stopped at about 10 o'clock and bought a cake on our way back into town and had cake at about 11 pm. Because of course, you can't have a birthday without a cake. I'm about to go and let the pictures do the talking but before I do, I want to tell one little story about our nice little day.

As I said before, she got a little nap so she was awake pretty late that night. After we got home, we ate the cake and then sat down to watch the dvd of Chloe's ultrasound before we went to bed. So we were watching it and I noticed that Emma was cuddling up to me and looking kind of sad. So, fully anticipating the jealousy that's coming, I cuddled her up to me and started rubbing her back. And when the dvd went off, this is what she said, "but Chloe is all alone in there by herself". Now I'm sure that the jealousy is still coming. Don't think that I think I've gotten off that easy, but wasn't that sweet. So I reassured her that Chloe was perfectly cozy and that she felt like I was holding her all the time and I'm still bracing myself for when the jealousy actually does hit. These are wonderful moments.

The ultrasound was quite amazing. Modern technology is something. We think that Chloe looks like Emma. I was glad to see that she had chubby little cheeks. I was afraid that she was going to look frail because of me being so sick in the beginning but as everyone told me she would, she took what she needed. I think seeing her that way made me long to hold her more. It made her seem so much more real as if my protruding belly isn't real evidence enough.... I'm trying not to want to rush things and savor the moment but I have to say, I'm much more comfortable in mommy mode that big pregnant girl mode.

When I went to the doctor on the 21st, I had gained 3 more pounds. I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable. My back is beginning to hurt a little. But, I can still wear my rings so no swelling. And if you saw me when I was pregnant with Emma, no Nutty Professor feet so, so far so good. And still, it still beats the first trimester, hand over fist. Don't think I've forgotten.

This week was workcamp. Over 500 teenagers painted 40 houses in the Mid Ohio Valley. Adam spent the night at OVU every night and every morning some strange man came in and took a shower at our house. We're glad to have him back home. We kind of missed him. Just a little ;). Well, I'll go for now. Pictures from our fun weekend with Nonna and Aunt Denise coming soon!!

Love from Above,