Friday, March 05, 2010

My Shoe Solution

I appreciate all of you that participated in my mourning of the loss of our little girl shoes that I told you about in the post below.  I did actually e-mail Keds a link to my blog post.  Who knows, maybe they'll make us a shoe to graduate out of the T-strap into.  But, until then, thanks to my incredibly wonderful friends, who had great sympathy for my broken heart, and searched the web for a replacement, we do have some options..

First, let me say that there is a leather version lace up  Champion Keds 

And here are a view other options:

L'Amour Shoes White Leather T-Strap Mary

Sketcher's Sugarcubes

White Mary Jane's by Coco

And last but definitely not least:

After showing Emma the options, she picked the Katrin by Vincent that  is pictured above.  Her reason being:  that she thought it would be the best choice to go with both jeans and dresses.  And since I, being the pratical mother that I am, have decided to encourage that kind of thinking, I'm ordering her choice. 

I had never heard of Vincent Shoes before this little search but I must say that I'm loving them.   The shoe is $42 which is a little more than I've been paying but, they look to be very good quality shoes and are still very reasonable for a shoe that will go with everything.    They have a little bit of shine to them and though I would prefer just a matte leather, a little shine never hurt anyone. 

And if you're interested in ordering from Vincent Shoes, the code VIN-SWEET-10 will get you 10% off.