Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Welcoming Ella Grace

I posted the photos that I took of the day that my niece, Ella, was born (April 4, 2012) quite a while back on facebook.  But since I couldn't find it on my timeline.  I thought I would post it here so that I can find it when I need it.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

On Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston......

I think there's a certain solace that comes with knowing that someone went down while still on top. For me, with situations like that of Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, there is an additional grief that comes with the knowing that the pressures of the industry took a toll on them and they were cut short of fulfilling their dreams (they both looked like they were about to make a major comeback). I also grieve the fact that their families have to endure some of the horrible things that people have said about them. I am really bothered by the pleasures that it seems that some people take in watching a celebrity fall off the pedestal that they're on, only because they put them there. I think people forget that these are real people that have real people that love them that are grieving their loss. Death is a natural part of life. It stinks but we all know it's going to happen to us all. But, I have to work really hard to not let seeing someone lack humanity when responding to death turn me into a cynic.

And as Jewell put's it... "please be careful with me, I'm sensitive and I'd like to stay that way".  



Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Cleo Patricks Day!

Cudo's to Pinterest for the rainbow fruit kabob idea!  

And now caught on camera... Emma and Chloe discover a Leprechaun has used their bathroom...
My children are going to spend their adult life in therapy... 



Saturday, February 11, 2012

What Kind of Shopper are You?

So I made a post yesterday of a photo shoot I did of Emma way back in December.  In that post, I said that I had been consumed with school work, none of which anyone would find interesting blog material.  But, then I got to thinking...  Maybe I'm wrong... A lot of people like to shop and all of us have to (which is the case for myself).  So, perhaps you would be interesting in knowing what kind of shopper you are.

I had to do what is called the VALS survey for one of my marketing classes.  It uses a series of questions to group people into target markets based on personality predisposition for innovation and the resources that are available them.  Once you take the survey, you can click on "VALS types" and see a description of each type.

I found my results to be, as with any other personality test I've taken, to be quite bizarre but probably accurate.  Which would explain why even I can't figure me out.  Anyway, to avoid skewing the results for anyone else that might like to take it, I will give anyone that might possibly see this a chance to take it and report my results at a later point and time.  I'd love to hear your results and whether you thought they were accurate.



Friday, February 10, 2012

Guitar Photo Shoot

Taken December 6th 2011

Back in September, I started working on a marketing degree.  While I do still write quite frequently,  Consumer Behavior is hardly blogging material and coming here to write for leisure after I've spent my week doing case studies and writing research papers seems equivalent to working out after track practice during my college track days.  There just isn't much of a desire to run five miles because the coach told you to and then leave track practice and go work out for fun.   

I've still managed to capture a lot of daily life by camera.  But all the pictures that I've taken since November are hanging out and twiddling their thumbs in my Photoshop Organizer.  Hopefully I will get a chance to catch up on those some time in the near future.  

For now, I am posting the only pictures I've managed to edit since I started school.  Emma started taking guitar lessons in September and she really seems to have a natural talent for it (from her daddy no doubt).   So, we played around, pretending to be doing a photo shoot for her album cover.  I did manage to get Chloe in a couple but for the most part, she was more interested in playing than taking pictures.  Emma's guitar shoot also ending up lending itself to a personally suited Valentine's Day card which was great since I had vowed not to do anything with any new pictures until I post my Christmas pictures.