Monday, January 09, 2006

Disney Princesses

We had a wonderful family weekend. On Friday evening, Emma was adorn in Snow White apparel and we joined hundreds of other little princesses to see Disney's Princesses on Ice. I don't know if I enjoyed the ice skating show or seeing all the little girls in their costumes more. Emma was in heaven and I enjoyed myself quite a bit too. I think Adam even had fun. I want to make a point to do more things just as a family. We probably can't afford to see ice skating every weekend but a picnic every now and then, just the three of us, wouldn't hurt. We did have a little fright after the show. (Did that sound English?) We were headed down the escalators with a huge crowd behind us and Emma's shoe string got stuck in it when we were trying to get off. A lady behind us started yelling, "keep moving, keep moving". Luckily, I think quick in those type of situations and I just took her shoe off and left it. The string eventually broke and we got the shoe back. I was about ready to strangle this lady for being so rude and apathetic about our peril until I realized that she wasn't trying to be rude at all but that she was in fact thinking about the well being of my child. Had they all stopped, then they would have soon fell on top of her. I could stop and make a God illustration here but you people are smart, I'm sure you can handle it. Anyway, it was a lovely evening and I will admit to you that Disney brought the little girl out in me and even I did a little dreaming about being a beautiful princess in a long dress dancing with my prince (Adam of course :)). Oh the magic of being a little girl and dreaming big.

On Saturday morning, I left Emma with Adam and went shopping by myself. I also will admit to you that I enjoyed myself with this too. I actually tried on the clothes in the store instead of waiting until I got home. I got a couple of great deals.

Saturday afternoon we went to Emma's friend Anna's birthday party. It was at a gymnastics place and we of course, had lots of fun. Again, wonderful weekend where we got to spend lots of family time together.

Today, I registered for school. Yep, I'm going to school again. I felt like a teenager which is good because in reality I'm getting old. I'm turning 28 on Thursday! It's crazy. But that's ok because Adam is turning 30. Anyway, so I start classes tomorrow. It's weird. I've got to go to school tomorrow. Wow. Well, that's it in a nutshell. Pray that I still know how to study!

Until next time... I hope you get your prince or princess as the case may be.

Love from above,