Wednesday, July 07, 2010

June 2010

The first month of summer flew by in a flash..  Most of June was consumed with Emma's birthday.  I had a week with Adam out of town, ending with a sleepover and then some sort of pink eye for myself and to be completely honest, I haven't fully recovered.

I was going to try to go ahead and make my layouts for our digital scrapbook but the summer is slipping away and I don't have time to waste so I put them up in a slide show.

Update on the girls..

*Emma turned seven on June 19th.  She had completed the summer reading program and saw to it that Chloe finished the summer reading program by reading her her books, the first week of summer.  She's getting really good at helping me put away clothes and has played well with Chloe this summer.  She is working hard to win all the awards available with our summer scripture memory work at church.  She has constant invitations for play from friends and I'm a bit selfish about sharing my time with her.   Her birthday party will be talked about for years and it's a good thing because I'll never be putting on something like that again.  Well, maybe when Chloe turns seven for the sake of keeping things even..

* Chloe is the same little fireball she's always been.  It's been a while now since we figured out how she was getting out of our attempts to lock her in her room.  We turned the doorknob around so that it locks in the hallway.  (I do not care to hear arguments about how it is abuse for us to lock our child in her room at night).  Besides, it didn't last very long as she figured out to unplug her nightlight and use the prongs on the night light as a key.  We woke one morning to the sound of the house alarm going off.  Adam and I frantically ran for the doors and found Chloe making her way to the back yard.  The doors now have latches up high and I will be trying to find a way to lock her in her room again.  One might argue abuse.   But, giving her free reign of the house so that she has the opportunity to dance on the counters, holding knives seems neglectful to me. 

She is a mess and we're soaking up every little bit of the flavor she adds to our lives as a little child with a tad bit of fear about the teenage years..  She keeps us laughing non stop.. Potty training? um sort of..   She has me trained well.  If I take her every two hours, we go through the whole day without an accident.  But, she never goes on her own.    I often find her standing in the middle of the coffee table singing the songs from "Annie" at the top of her lungs.. Usually, with Emma right behind her proclaiming the rule: "NO STANDING ON THE FURNITURE".. I then contribute to the delinquency of a minor by overlooking the offense while I make a desperate rush for the video camera, only to be spotted by the little villain who then starts singing in a sweet little whisper.  She will go to preschool in the fall.  If you feel so inclined, start praying for her teacher now..

Speaking of the little mess, she just rounded the corner with a sweet sleepy smile and said with the most delightful southern draw, "Good mauning momma.  I'm ready for some cereal and some Straawwberry Shortcake (sang like the theme song in the video)".  Now she wants some moore (two syllables).  I shall go now and leave you with our pictures from June.. It will be a welcomed surprise if I get a chance to sit down again today before she lays down her sweet little head.. I will entertain all serious offers on renting her as exercise equipment.  She's gotten me down below the weight I was when I got married.  Aren't you tempted?