Friday, November 11, 2005

Fun Week!

Thank God I have a two year old to help me make friends. We've had a really good week. On Monday, we had a play group at Julie's house. It was a lot of fun and really nice for me to get to sit and talk with the other moms. On Tuesday, we went and toured Mr. Bee's Chip Factory. I was going to post some pictures from that but how interesting can pictures of potato chips be? After the tour, we went to the mall and played at the play area and then Emma and I had lunch with Julie and Anna. It's really cute because Emma and Anna really have taken a liking to each other. Anna kept calling Emma sister. When we got home Emma said to me, "Anna is my friend, but she calls me sister". We had a wonderful bible study at ladies bibles study Wed. I want to share something from that with you all but I'm going to share it with the girls at heart to heart first. My class went really well on Wed. night. We talked about prayer and then we made prayer journals. Most of the kids really seemed excited about doing it. I had twelve kids in my class. Five of them were from Powell. I think that's the largest class I've had so far. Then yesterday.. busy busy day. It started off with a sweet suprise. Sam and Anna we're feeling sorry for me because I had a bad week last week and they sent me flowers. Thank you Sam and Anna, that was so sweet. And, it did brighten my day. Last night, I had a Southern Living party which had a great turnout and then we had a lock-in with the teenagers. I left the lock in at two to come home but while I was there, the kids seemed to be having a good time and we had several visitors there too.

Emma constantly amazes me with the new things she comes out with. The other day, we came in the living room and she said, "The sun is shining. The sun is a huge star". I bought a map of the US and we've started talking about where the different people we love live. She can already point out several of the states. I guess I'm going to have to learn them with her because I don't even know where all the states are. She is so inquisitive. I hope I can just stear her so that she keeps such a strong desire to learn.

You can see by the picture of Emma in the leaves that most of them have fallen off the trees by now. Winter, here we come!!

Please pray for our ministry!!!

Love from above,