Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happenings Around the Ellis Home-- Family Update

I was looking back through my pictures and realized that I've gotten really backed up with them.  I still haven't posted the final Disney World post.  I figured that I'd use the pictures that I've take over the last couple of months to do a general update about the kids

Emma January 2010

It has become so apparent to me that Emma is headed straight for the tween years.  She's only seven (not quite yet even)  but we've hit some sort of shift in age.  I find myself having a hard time figuring out what to buy for a birthday party that will still be fun but not too babyish.  She can no longer fit in the little girl shoes that we have bought her whole life.  Since we've moved to SC and made that wonderful transition to a King size bed, we have totally eased up on our "stay in your own bed" rules.  We've pretty much decided that as long as they start out in there own bed and give us some time together, alone, we really don't care if they get in the bed with us.  They've even become so skilled at it that they don't wake us up.  It occurred me the other day that we're probably limited on the time that Emma will want get in the bed with us like that.  For a few nights, she stayed in her own.  I surprised myself this morning when I was relieved to see her sleeping in between us.